Monday 28 July 2014

37 Months Old

A entire month has passed since your 3rd Birthday. A month of new adventures and moments that have marked the 4 weeks since we shared Lightning McQueen cake and celebrated your special day.

You are now 37 months old. 3 years and 1 month.
My ever growing beautiful little man who is constantly exploring and learning.

You have just broken up for your very first summer holiday, 6 whole weeks without any nursery at all. The perfect excuse to get out and about in the sunshine and explore together. You came with me to pick up my new car this week, and you absolutely loved that we could magically fold down the roof and drive along with the wind in our hair. Of course it is now something you demand each and every time we head out in the car!

You have been forming sentences more with each passing week, and we have all been super impressed with your progress. You have been asking more questions like ‘What’s this’, which we have been really pleased about. Up until recently we have never known you ask a single question. After having a parents evening with your nursery teacher late last month, I pushed to get you in for speech therapy, just to help you that little bit further. I would much rather get you the extra support you may need now, just so it is in place if we need it further down the line. With reception now just over a year away I want to get the ball rolling so we can have you fully prepared to start school with your peers.

Over the last week we have been so busy, and you have had such a fantastic time. The fun started last Thursday when we visited In The Night Garden Live, the difference in your character in the year since our first visit was astounding. You were not shy to meet Iggle Piggle, not one little bit. You bounded up to your hero and you hugged him, you kissed him and then you poked him in the eye. Then you told me ‘ I poke Iggle Piggle eye’.

On one of our many road trips I pointed out that Tinkerbell had just flown into the car. By Tinkerbell I meant a dandelion clock. It flew through my window and then proceeded to land on your car seat, when I showed you expecting your reaction to be one full of amazement, I was suddenly presented with one very scared toddler screaming until I moved it away! Apparently you aren’t a huge fairy fan when in such a form!

At 37 months you are still napping during the day, once in the afternoon. You still really adore your sleep even if sometimes it is a battle to get you there. Once in bed you will sleep for an hour or so, sometimes longer. You love your sleep, and I know that you will only wake up in the night if you really need me for one reason or another. You even grant the most rewarding lie in’s! It may be a shock to the system for you when the summer holiday’s come to an end and you head into a busy nursery year.

The potty training is not so much training these days, you wear your pants so well and have very few accidents. In the last week or so of nursery you did have a few more than usual, but we put that down to you being too busy playing and a little lazy! Since then we have been back to being fantastic. You still won’t use the potty for a number 2, and you point blank refuse to use the actual toilet if we go anywhere. After we picked up the Mini we flew into the services so that you could use the toilet, we walked in and you were adamant that you were going to do it…Then of course when the moment was there, you decided against it and made us leave. I then told you that the only other option was to go behind a tree… I showed you where you could go and your face told me exactly how disgusted this idea made you! So then the only option was for you to hold on 10 minutes until we arrived home. Thankfully you did… and there were no accident’s in Mummy’s new car!

I am still adjusting to having a 3 year old, and whenever anyone asks I am still telling them that you are 2. It seems rather crazy that 3 years have come and gone in the blink of an eye, but the memories we have made, the memories we continue to make are evidence enough to where the time has gone. You love it when we curl up in your bed and read stories, your two favourites this month being The 3 Billy Goats Gruff and The 3 Little Pigs. You are so infatuated with the wolf and keep telling me ‘no wolf get me’ and of course ‘wolf outside’. I have told you time and time again how there are no wolves outside and that wolves live in zoo’s. This seems to reassure you, until of course you tell Alice that the wolf is going to gobble her up!

When the story is over you tell me ‘1 more book’, it’s amazing how many books you get for that! Your insatiable love of reading stories with Mummy is by far my favourite time of the day. I have noticed that you are starting to recognise certain words, you now recognise your own name and also the words ‘ding dong’ from you’re In The Night Garden Book. I think over the summer we will see what else you recognise and try to send you back to school  in September to wow your teachers!

With the first week of summer behind us, and seeing how far you have come in that short space of time, I know that when you go back to nursery they are going to be so impressed with just how far you have come over the summer.

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