Tuesday 22 July 2014

Lovely Budget Photo Gift Ideas for Teens

When it comes to purchasing a gift for a special teen in your life, it can be difficult to choose something that you know they’ll really love, especially when keeping to a modest budget. However, it’s far from impossible...you may just have to get a little creative!

The teens of today are of the digital generation and are rarely seen without their favourite tech gadgets, whether it’s a phone, camera, iPod or tablet device...or all of them! Therefore they always seem to be taking photos of one thing or another, so using this theme to choose them something is a sure winner.

We’ve put together a list of some great budget photo gift ideas for the teen in your life to keep them snap happy on their special day.

Personalised protective gadget cases and covers
First of all, why not get them something to help protect the thing they care so much about?! A protective case for their favourite gadget doesn’t have to be boring or dull either (or expensive) as you can get things like customised photo phone and tablet cases at sites like My Photo Gifts. They also do next day delivery phone cases too if you’ve left things a bit last minute. Just upload their favourite snaps and wait for the finished product in the post!

Photo album or scrap book
Photo albums always make a great gift and are great for teens to help them keep their special photos safe and in one place. There are loads of nice photo albums on this website, but if you want something a little different you could purchase a scrap book so they can put other mementos alongside their favourite snaps too. This is a great, cheap gift that they’re bound to love.

Polaroid photo frames
Everyone loves the appeal of Polaroid snaps as they’re so classic, edgy and trendy. If the budget doesn’t quite stretch to a Polaroid camera, you can always go for the cheaper option of purchasing some Polaroid photo frames instead which will give their favourite photos the effect of being a Polaroid picture.

Smart phone camera accessories
Help them take amazing photos on the go of themselves with all their friends without breaking your bank by purchasing a camera accessory for their smart phone camera. There are quite a few different things you can buy, but we like this macro phone lens from Urban Outfitters as it transforms your phone into a fish eye camera. Fish eye lens cameras can be about £50 for a really decent one too, so this £18 accessory is a much budget friendlier option!

Photo-upload notebooks or diaries

If they love nothing more than writing and scribbling down their thoughts like lots of teens, a personalised notebook or diary with one of their favourite photos on the front cover is sure to be a winner and won’t set you back too much either, especially as you can get them online pretty cheaply nowadays. 

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