Wednesday 16 July 2014

I'm Still Around!

It has certainly been quieter than usual around here lately, what with the house move and everything else that has been going on, there hasn't been time to catch a breath let alone blog about it! You see real life has been getting in the way of late, and among all of that I have been taking some time to do something new for myself.

I have pulled out a selfish card and put it to use straight away, since moving back home last month I decided it was now or never to give myself a theoretical kick up the back side… and I started the gym. Over the past few weeks the hours that I would usually spend catching up on blog posts, have been spent grafting in the gym.

I am feeling so positive about everything, and I love being able to do something just for me. I have been getting in from work and getting Leo ready to bed and off to the land of nod, and then handing the baby monitor over to Granny so that I can pop out for an hour or so. The silver lining to being back at home, is being able to leave the house in a evening, and the even more amazing thing is that I am not missing out on any time with my favourite little man.

In just under a month I have lost 10lbs, and it came away so much easier than I ever expected (Once I let go of chocolate and Coca Cola!). This month it seems to have halted and I haven’t lost any more, however I have maintained my loss thus far which is a reason to keep on feeling determined. I am by no means over weight, but for me to feel comfortable in my own skin I need to shed a few more lbs and get toning!

Leo has adapted really well to being back at Granny’s and it hasn’t taken long to get his room together. He has his car bed pride of place along with all of his worldly possessions. If anything Leo is loving being back at Granny’s and the change has just been an easy adjustment for him.

Over the weekend we even had our very first movie night, we were due to go to our local river festival and see the boats all lit up with twinkly lights. However rain put a stop to that and we decided to tuck up together in bed and watch Ice Age with a bag of Toffee Popcorn, Leo absolutely loved it. It was our very first movie night, and having Leo at an age where we can snuggle up with a good family film is just lovely. Leo had such a fun evening that the next morning he demanded to watch Ice Age with.. *wait for it* a bag of popcorn! I get the feeling we will be making this a regular activity!

My selfish card is also extending into vehicles… I am finally getting the pennies together and upgrading my clapped out car. The plan is to treat myself to a convertible Mini Cooper in the next few months!

Although life has been much busier than usual and I have been much quieter, I am still around. Normal service is being resumed and I am feeling so incredibly positive about absolutely everything that is happening.

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