Thursday 10 July 2014

The Joys of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of those life journeys that introduce a whole new sense of feelings. Some good and some… Well. Not so good. I was lucky in the respect that my pregnancy was straight forward and offered no un-expected complications. I loved being able to sail through my days and only had to worry about my swollen ankles when the heat got too much.

Morning sickness never ever got started, and the weeks soon turned into months. My tummy expanded but somehow any stretch marks seemed to stay away. It may have had something to do with the amount of cocoa butter I lavished upon my growing tummy, but then it may just be good luck.

Of course I endured  the usual aches and pains, I remember my bump making my back ache if I was sat in an awkward position for too long. Heck I even struggled to pull myself out of my chair on some occasions (most occasions…).

I experienced heartburn during pregnancy, and having never experienced it before I wondered what on earth was happening. That burning had me down the pharmacy in a flash looking for anything and everything that could relieve it. For me heartburn came and went sporadically, there was no real reason for it, it just happened. Once Leo arrived though the heartburn just stayed away.

They say that if you experience symptoms of heartburn in pregnancy then you will most likely discover that your baby has a head full of hair. In my case, this was true.

Pregnancy was so kind to me that I even managed to work right up to the very end, which gave me so much more time with my baby boy once on maternity leave. In fact I was due to finish work at 40 weeks pregnant, meaning that there would be less time to be waiting around for baby to make an appearance. I can remember the shock on everyone’s expression when I told them I was still at work so far into my pregnancy. For me thought there was no need for me to finish work any earlier than I had too, I enjoyed working and I wanted to ensure as much time with my little guy once he arrived.

As it happened I actually finished work at 39 weeks in the end. I finished work on the Friday and didn’t make it back into work on the Monday. Leo had other ideas which meant that I had to get myself to hospital pretty swiftly, once he decided that he couldn't possibly wait another week.

Of course this meant I had to ring into work and let them know that I wasn't going to be in the office today… I was off to have a baby! I guess that’s one excuse there is no getting around… 

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