Thursday, 29 December 2011

Leo's First Christmas

Dear Leo,

This Christmas was your very first, the tree was ready and your stocking was hung, awaiting the many presents that Santa was bringing in on his sleigh. My excitement must have rubbed off on you, as there was no way you were going to sleep. Despite my greatest efforts you were awake until gone 10pm on Christmas Eve.

I tried explaining how Santa just would not come until you rested your head and closed those brilliant blue eyes of yours, but just would not sleep. I have to admit, you were lovely company and the giggles you provided were a real treat on every ones expectant ears.
When you finally went down, Daddy and I ensured that Santa would have a glass of milk and a well deserved mince pie. After everything was in place we all made our way to bed.

Even I couldn't sleep on Christmas Eve. It was like being a child again and the excitement was alive in all of us...and I swear that in the early hours of the morning....just after you had awoken for a bottle...I heard the sleigh land with a thump on the roof and a clutter of hooves dancing along the roof slats, a few moments later I heard a thud down stairs! I can only imagine that Santa had just clambered down the chimney and was now delivering your many presents!

I settled you back down and again retired to bed, only to be awoken early on Christmas day, 7am in fact and it wasn't long before the rest of the family made their way downstairs to the masses and masses of presents that had appeared under the tree!

Santa had indeed been in the night and it looked as though his work shop had exploded in the front room! There had never been more presents than their had been this year. We all sat and helped you open your stocking.....before you proceeded to fall asleep on Daddy's new gaming bean bag for what felt like forever...

Leo you had woken up so early that you were still too sleepy to even consider staying awake, when you did finally wake up...your Aunt and Uncle had done a Taz Manian Devil type of hurricane around the Christmas tree, and the living room was now covered in wrapping paper. I looked over at the tree and realised that the majority of what was left...was all yours. Santa must have seen what a well behaved baby boy I have, and rewarded accordingly.

We helped you open all your were a pro at getting into your gifts. Although it has to be would have just been happy with the wrapping paper. Although I expect next year when you are running around...this will all change.

Leo, you were supposed to have your first taste of Turkey and Christmas dinner, but just as dinner was served up, you let me know that you were ready for yet another...nap! So I took you up to bed and tucked you in, there was no fight put up from you and you fell asleep...instantly. Missing the entire lunch festivities.
Christmas dinner was Turkey with all the trimmings...and we all tucked in, while you were busy dreaming little dreams in the land of nod.
With the day drawing to an end, you still had many presents under the tree and when we had finally opened all of them. I had to wonder where we were going to house them!?
  • A Winnie the Pooh Walker...
  • A Fisher-Price Amazing Animals Choo-Choo Train...
  • A big Mickey Mouse...
  • A plush Winnie the Pooh..
  • A ball pitt..
  • A giggling ball..
  • A Fisher-Price Kick n Play Piano...
Just to name a few! There were more than we could ever play with in a day alone, well more than you could. I have to be honest and tell you...I played with all of your presents before you ever did. Of course I tried to involve you to the best of my ability...but the child in me called me on.
We popped over to your Grand Pops in the evening, so he too could see you opening your presents and marveling at the wrapping paper. Soon after getting you back home and settled for bed, down you went and off to sleep you went...

Your first Christmas was a lovely day, having you around brought so much excitement into the whole of Christmas. You were just turning 6 months old, but you knew something was going on.
My Christmas present from you was amazing...In the week running up to Christmas day, you were becoming so strong. Your back was getting straighter and whenever we sat you sat for longer and longer! You are still a little shaky...but you are almost there! My little baby can sit up!

I remember last year (Christmas 2010) sitting and thinking what my life would be like next year....Last Christmas I was around 12 weeks pregnant with you and now you are 6 months old. Time has flown by. Not for one minute did I know just how amazing this year would be. I feel like we have both grown so much and I am so proud!

Merry Christmas bubba!

Much Love, Mummy xxx

How were all of your Christmas's? Did you all get everything you dreamed of? Were your little rays of sunshine spoilt? I would love to hear all about it!

I was spoilt rotten, Luke presented me with the most amazing I guess it is just more of an excuse to take even more photos!

Merry Christmas all!!

P.P.S....I just wanted to share some more of my favourite photos from this Christmas.....


  1. I love that little Santa outfit! So cute! It sounds like Leo had an amazing first Christmas and loved it too! Happy New Year to you and your family. :)

  2. Hi Misha,

    I too love the Santa suit, Shame it will only see him through one year, I already have a new one in the wardrobe for Xmas 2012 :-))

    It was a really lovely time, how was your Xmas and New Year? Xx


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