Sunday 2 September 2012

Toddler See, Toddler Do Week 5
With every passing week, I can point out changes in Leo. I can tell you how something new he has done from week to week as he is developing right in front of my eyes. 

Leo has such a playful disposition, he loves children and will light up at the sight of someone who may be willing to play with him. Last Saturday we took Leo to a friends engagement party, where there were so many children around his age and beyond. There was a disco with lights and a dance floor. The very first one Leo has ever seen. Leo was so captivated by everything around him that he could not contain his excitement, he ran around, danced and played with the other children. He even did some dancing.

When the food was laid out, Leo took off over to the table and helped himself. I witnessed his little hands trying to pin point the easy to reach food. His efforts were rewarded with a cheese sandwich. He was very pleased with himself. 

This playful disposition extends from running around and enjoying himself. Leo has a glowing personality and he can be cheeky. Very cheeky. We have a mirror that we place on the passenger headrest so that Leo can see himself as we go along. He has always enjoyed looking into it but last Monday he decided that he would pull faces at himself. I looked behind me to find him opening his mouth as wide as he could before closing it again. Of course I joined in, and now when ever I turn around to reverse off our drive I am greeted with Leo's wide open mouth. He thinks it is great fun, and I think this now confirms for me that he does indeed recognise that it is himself in the reflection gazing back at him.

Since before Leo could walk, he has been able to kick a ball. Now he can walk, he can really kick a ball. There is sheer determination in him and he seems to really enjoy himself. Luke hates football with a passion, but we both agree that it would be great for Leo to be passionate about a sport. Just watching him run around kicking the ball and throwing it (an obvious hand ball of course) is great to see at such a young age. 

I have mentioned Leo and how gentle he can be with our Cat. Leo will even attempt a meow at her while clasping his lips together to coo her over to him. He has been paying attention when we try to call the cat. If you ask Leo where the Cat is while in his high chair, he looks to the floor in an attempt to locate his feline friend. 

Just the other day, Leo attempted to pick the Cat up all on his own. It suffices to say that the Cat was having none of it and quickly slipped out of his clutches.

This week was also the week that Leo discovered that if he put his all into trying to open the door, he could eventually do it. When I say all, I mean all of his frustration. He shouted, he cried and he pulled down on the door handle as hard as he possibly could, before it magically swung open. Rewarding his effort.

Granddad even took Leo out for a walk along our drive, where the Blackberry bushes are now coming into season. I had been informed by Granddad that it was high time Leo got a taste for his very first Blackberry, and while I was inside the house getting things together to go out...Granddad allowed Leo his very first Blackberry. After this point Leo had fallen in love, and his face, hands and clothes were showing tell tale signs of Blackberry stains.

What have your little one's been up to this week?

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  1. I would LOVE to see Ted's reaction to a disco!

    1. I think all babies love discos. The lights are just mesmerizing x

  2. Awww he looks so adorable in his little sleepsuit dancing! I love watching Mads dance! x

    1. They looks so amazing when they dance. So cute! x


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