Saturday 29 September 2012

Toddler See, Toddler Do - Week 9

This week has seen Leo turning 15 months old.

When I think back to that special day when he arrived into this world, it does not feel like all this time has passed already. If anything it feels like just yesterday that he came into our lives, but the fact is it has been 15 whole months or 65 weeks depending on how you look at it makes you realise just how far we have actually come.

So much changes in 15 months, so much growing, physical changes and learning occurs. I think it is safe to say that these changes have occurred on both mine and Leo’s accounts. I find it utterly amazing to watch my baby boy coming into his own, and how he marvels at everything he comes across, seeing the magic and wonder in the everyday objects that he encounters.

This week Leo caught my eye. He was doing something I had never seen him do before. Leo was spinning around and around on the spot, I could see him getting dizzier by the moment until he tumbled to the floor. So without even brushing himself off he stood back up and began to spin around and around once again. I don’t know where he has learnt this new trick but it is so adorable watching him.

He seems to become more and more active each week. Leo has re-discovered the pouf this week, he loves to push the cushion off and then climb on top. From here he will direct himself onto the television stand and touch the screen as though it is a giant iPad. As if he is waiting for his touch to signal some kind of change on the screen. And when he get’s bored of this he will try and open the French doors!

He is a right little climber…

Leo can also march these days, he walks along and if tell him to ‘stamp, stamp’ he will begin to march his feet up high and stamp them back down on the floor again one after the other. He marches all around the living room, and really does make me chuckle and he enjoys it so much that he often chuckles while he is marching himself all over.

What I really love is that he responds to the words ‘Stamp, Stamp’ which again shows his recognition of certain words and responds accordingly.

Leo has been shaking his head to symbolise ‘No’ for a long time now but he has never nodded to demonstrate ‘Yes’ before. Leo would shake his head for ‘No’ even when he really did mean yes. This all changed this week, just all of a sudden. I had been munching on a chocolate bar and I could feel little eyes watching me take every little bite, so I simply asked Leo ‘Would you like some chocolate?’ Then all of a sudden Leo began nodding. His head was going up and down and he started to tap his hand for ‘more’.

I just have to stand back once in a while to take in that special little man of mine and all that he has become. How he actually understands certain things that I say and ask him, even if sometimes he deliberately chooses to ignore me when the scenario is less than desirable for him.

There are course those incredibly sweet moments where he will just spontaneously come up to me and give me a kiss. He did this on a train journey this week completely out of the blue; he turned to me and just kissed me. He is so affectionate even though he can be a little terror, but he really is a Mummy’s boy through and through, and I love him even more for this.

I think maybe he watches me a little bit too closely at times, as Leo has suddenly started carrying my hand bag around the house, and very enthusiastically to say the least. He has taken a real shine to my lovely Louis Vuitton clutch bag. He holds it on his arm just as he has seen me do and he just walks around the house looking incredibly pleased with himself. My bag is such a big interest to him that it is usually the first thing he takes off me when I get in the door from work.

Leo was even taking Granny’s bag for a walk around the other night and you can see how much he was loving it below!

Leo associates my bags with us going out. As soon as I pick up Mr Louis Vuitton or the changing bag, Leo begins to wave. Of course this does not go down to well when I am heading out to work as he thinks that he is coming with me, and gets very upset when he see’s me go out, with my bag in hand without him.

Of course I always try and make the time we do spend together as fun and enjoyable as possible, but for those times we are not together I do feel like we are both missing out on each other.

Have you and your toddlers been up to anything exciting this week?

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  1. Love that he is spinning! Dylan has learnt to blow this week and is getting really good at blowing kisses on demand. I love watching him learn new things every week!


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