Wednesday 5 September 2012


I awoke this morning nose to nose with Leo. 

He had awoken during the night and instead of fighting with him I decided to bring him back to bed with me. The lazy option that got me straight back into bed and cuddles with the little man.

A few hours later I was awoken by hands pawing my face. Little Leo hands trying to get my attention and it was then it dawned on me that today was the day...

It was the day of Leo's next set of vaccinations. 

I was not sure how he would react being that much older than when he had the first 3 sets, back when he was oh so little. 

At the first set of jabs, Leo of course cried his little eyes out. Being so new to the world and being jabbed with a sharp needle is not the warmest greeting, but he was soon comforted by his bottle of milk and slept all afternoon. 

The second jabs went the same way, but after the first needle had pierced his delicate skin he managed a big gummy smile at the nurse. I couldn't help but wonder what she had done to deserve such a smile!

The third set of jabs were no big deal either, he cried and as soon as he was snuggled up with his milk and given a dose of Calpol you would never have known any differently. 

But now it was time to see how toddler Leo would deal with such an invasion. 

This morning I reluctantly put him into the car and drove the short drive to the Doctor's surgery. We arrived and checked in, giving Leo time to adjust to his new surroundings. Leo was soon running all around the waiting area and cooing at everyone around him. I stood there watching him, knowing all the while that the big smile on his face was soon to be wiped away.

Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted by the nurse calling Leo's name. We had brought Granny along for moral support and with her in we all went. 

Leo was still in high spirits, even when the nurse had me hold him tight and put the first injection into the back of his leg. I watched Leo's little face and knew when the needle had reached it's destination, when the impact spread all across his face. For a few seconds there was silence, despite Leo's face being scrunched up in pain and his mouth open screaming to the high heavens. Eventually though the delayed scream was ringing out, the cry he dons when he really is hurting.

He was inconsolable and looking over at my Mum said it all. She was crying along with Leo, but somehow I managed to hold myself together and just hold my boy through the worst of it. 

Now a second nurse walked into the room and assisted the original nurse with the next Two vaccinations. They told me to hold him tight facing forwards so that they could each put a vaccination in each arm simultaneously. 

My poor baby...

I did as I was instructed, and held onto him so very tightly scared that if I didn't he would move and cut himself on the needle. I couldn't see his face but knew when they had struck. I felt his body stiffen up first and then I heard his sobs, but that was it...They were now all done. 

Leo had 3 little plasters covering his poorly's. 

My little soldier. 

Upon leaving Leo had some milk, and then proceeded to perk up. He even learnt a new word today. Tractor is his new one liner. The car journey home was full of the new word and the jabs seemed to be a distant memory. 

As a treat for his not so pleasant morning I took him out for lunch and treated him to a ice-cream, he has not been affected by the jabs at all and he has been his usual happy self.

Leo is now tucked up in bed and dreaming. After a lovely afternoon with Mummy and Leo time.

What jabs did Leo have today?

Hib/Men C booster. Given as a single jab containing meningitis C, third dose and Hib, fourth dose.
MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), given as a single jab


  1. I am dreading these and so glad Leo was alright afterwards - hoping Dylan will be ok too!

    1. The worst bit is having to hold them still ans hearing them cry and feeling partly responsible. Leo was fine after and we had a lovely day :-)
      When has D got his? x


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