Friday 14 September 2012

Toddler See, Toddler Do - Week 6 & 7

I am starting to see more of a understanding in Leo. He is beginning to recognise more words and even attempting to say them. You can ask Leo a question and although he does not have the words needed in order to reply, he can still demonstrate his understanding.

I asked Leo where his head was, and I was completely taken a back when he tapped his head in response. I asked Leo where his hair was and he pulled up a handful of hair to demonstrate his understanding. Leo also knows what and where his teeth are. He will bare his little tooth pegs at you like a lion. Leo can tell you where his shoes are when they are being worn, if you ask them where they are, he will look down at his feet.

Leo really is a little sponge these days, taking in every little bit of information and detail. He may not use it all right away but the knowledge is there so that he can one day put his learning into action.

Back in July we completed our baby signing course, and since returning to work we have been very slack and un-consistent in our signs. At dinner last week I happened to ask Leo whether he would like some more yogurt and dropped the sign in for good measure. Leo then verbally told me 'more' and attempted the sign back at me. The sign was such a great attempt on Leo's part and the only difference is he taps his hand instead of his clenched fist.

 After that he kept on doing it, followed by his new word 'more'.

Over the last couple of weeks Leo has discovered he can portray a fake laugh. He will put on his little laugh if he hears us laughing and quickly steals all the attention away for himself. It is a sure way to grab the audience's attention and let him perform. It is safe to say that Leo has no problem playing to his crowd!

Last week Leo went for his jabs, and after his jabs he was right as rain. He even went as far to say yet another new word. Tractor. This word has come from his Granny when they have been out for a drive into the country side and is actually a rather tricky word to pronounce, so I was very impressed when I heard him saying it.

We have had the word Granddad out of Leo as clear as day too, his vocabulary is certainly picking up now!

 I am also pleased to report that we are in receipt big kisses that Leo will smother you in if you ask him nicely enough, and depending on his mood of course. These big kisses are often accompanied by big hugs that he will bestow upon you when you least expect it. They usually coincide with a running jump at you, where he will open his arms expecting you to catch him and hold him tight.

My affectionate little man.

I have mentioned before how I have such a hard time trying for find Leo shoes in his size. He is currently a 4/12 H and although we can get them in a 4/12, we struggle finding any in a H. Leo truly has big round feet. I visited Clarks with him last weekend as the shoes that he does have are geared more to the summer, as these were the only shoes in his sizes! 

So I took Leo shoe shopping in the hope we could purchase some practical shoes that would see him through the Autumn weather. Luckily they had one pair in his size, and they were perfect. They measured Leo's feet again and Leo stared at the woman with a look of wonder on his face, when the new shoes were brought out for him to trial, he looked so excited.

If you are a regular at The Life and Times of The Working Mum, you will know that mess seems to follow Leo around. 

It comes as no surprise to me that Leo like's to make a mess...He started the week by pooing in the bath and to finish off the week here is Leo turning the hall way floor into a cereal bowl...

What have your little one's been up to this week?

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  1. It does seem that they turn one and suddenly turn into little sponges, it's so exciting to watch as a mummy and I think this toddling phase is the absolute best. It's great to hear about all the things Leo is learning and doing and will be a lovely record. X

    1. It really does seem that way. As soon as they hit One everything starts to happen. x


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