Thursday 1 November 2012

All Hallows Eve 2012

With Halloween upon us Leo and I spent the day together, we carved pumpkins and ate spooky we I of course mean Leo ate cupcakes. Leo even proceeded to eat my cupcake after repeatedly signing for 'More' and very opening shouting 'More, more, more' at me. So yes.. 

I relented and let him feast. After all it was Halloween... 

I got Leo all dressed up in his very convincing Skeleton Halloween costume, and he looked super duper scary, don't you think? 

Together we had a very enjoyable, yet spooky Halloween! 

What did you all get up to? Carve any pumpkins this year?

 Can you guess what pumpkins we carved?

On a final note, this is my little man last Halloween at just 4 months old. Hasn't he grown up!?


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