Saturday 3 November 2012

The Mini Micro Scooter 3in1 Review

Mini Micro Scooter 3in1

With Leo now being well and truly in the toddler stage he seems to be on the go more and more every day. Sometimes I feel completely drained of all my energy by just watching him play so enthusiastically, he doesn't seem to ever give himself 5 minutes for a break…

Mini Micro Scooter 3in1
I am always on the look out for products that will keep Leo active and most importantly out of trouble…Something that will wear him out enough for an afternoon nap. A nap that he is very nearly dropping!

Micro Scooter has very kindly sent Leo, the toddler who can’t sit still...A 3in1 Mini Micro Scooter and potentially provided me with a means to tire out my active little man!

The Mini Micro Scooter 3in1 is suitable for toddlers from the age of 12 months old and will see them through right until the age of 5. Toddlers can use the scooter as a ride on due to the seat and O-bar handle that you can attach to the frame. I think this is a great idea especially if you have older children, as it get’s your toddler involved in their games and gives them their own set of wheels!

The scooter grows with the child and after he has finished with the sit and ride, you can progress it on to the next stage. The next stage being a Mini Scooter with the O-Bar handle which will prepare them for finally finishing up with a Mini Micro Scooter complete with T-Bar handle.

Mini Micro Scooter 3in1

What’s in the box?
- The Scooter
- Seat
- O-Bar Handle
- T-Bar Handle
- Allen Keys

With the arrival of the highly anticipated Micro 3in1 Scooter, I en-listed Luke’s assistance in assembling the Scooter for Leo to have a play with. The set up was easy (or that’s the way Luke made it look). You simply have to choose between the O-Bar and T-Bar handles and slot it into the base of the scooter. As we were setting it up for Leo with the seat to start with we had to select the desired height position and attach the seat unit to the O-Bar handle using the Allen keys that are provided in the packaging.

Mini Micro Scooter 3in1

Leo was demonstrating his usual ‘I am not waiting around, I am going to play with this now’ attitude, and continued to roll the wheels of the Scooter while Luke tried to get it all up and running for him. It took a little longer to assemble with Leo’s persistence but it is a very simple assembly procedure (and will take half the time without a toddler in tow!)

With the completed Micro 3in1 Scooter now stood in front of all of us, Leo was ready to hop on and have a scoot around. I sat Leo on it so that he could get a feel for it and off he went in typical Leo style, not sitting still for a moment.

Leo was going backwards and forwards and I thought that he may struggle turning it due to it being reliant on balance and it going in the direction that you lean towards, but somehow…Leo can turn it. I have a feeling he is dragging it in the way he wants it to go and it is not being achieved on balance alone, but he is still getting around just lovely on it.

So far we are only using the sit and ride around the house, but over the coming months I think we will be venturing outside for a whole new experience. As Leo gets a little older the Scooter is going to be a fab form of transport for him when he doesn't feel like walking and it is something that I can easily keep in the boot of the car.

I think over the next couple of months Leo will be perfecting his ability on the sit and ride aspect of the Scooter, which is going to provide him with the ability to work with his balance and allow him to apply this trick in other areas. It is a great skill to learn and it probably won’t be long before he is hula hooping with me on the Wii!

For now and the foreseeable future we will be sticking with the seat unit, I can’t see Leo perfecting the scoot motion any time soon but when the time does come to remove the seat, Leo will have a proper little Scooter paired with the O-Bar handle. And then one day in the very distant future (at the time of writing...) we will be able to remove the O-Bar handle all together and replace it with the very grown up T-Bar and…Viola – a complete Mini Micro Scooter!

Mini Micro Scooter 3in1

From watching Leo climb on and off, going around the living room and knocking into things it is safe to say that the Mini Micro Scooter 3 in 1 is very durable, it will survive a toddler and that is of course very important. We all know that our toddlers will bash things (often deliberately!) and we need to know that these items that our little rascals choose for the ramming… Are going to stand up to the hands of time, and therefore last for future bumps in the road.

I can safely say after watching Leo on his, that the Mini Micro Scooter will certainly stand it’s ground and fight the good fight while remaining solid and safe.
Mini Micro Scooter 3in1
I am pleased to report that even after the Micro Scooter had been ‘leo’d’ as I like to call it, it is still standing and looks set to see Leo through to the ripe old age of 5, and maybe even beyond!

It would make a great Christmas Present or First Birthday present and is one that will be with them for years to come.

You can purchase your own Mini Micro 3in1 Scooter for £74.95 right here, and I think for something that is set to last your toddler for up to 5 years, then that is money very well spent and costs just £14.99 a year over 4 years! I say that is money very well spent.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Mini Micro 3in1 Scooter for the purpose of this review, however all views and opinions are completely honest and my own.

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