Sunday 25 November 2012

Toddler See, Toddler Do - Week 16 & 17

17 whole months have now passed since Leo’s arrival and I still find that incredibly hard to believe.

I was just looking at baby photos of Leo this week, photos that date back to the very start of our adventure together. Photos that show a fragile new baby, who relied on his Mummy for absolutely everything. Looking at Leo right at this very moment in time, it is so hard to believe that he ever needed me in all of those ways.

Now he has no problem drinking his milk all on his own, or feeding himself anything and everything he could possibly fancy, and he has no problem getting himself around. Much to my dismay of course…

In every single way, shape and form he is growing up.

Leo has developed a real passion for helping Mummy with the laundry, well I say helping. I do of course mean hindering. Leo can be sat as good as gold on the sofa, and then when I decide to put the wash on, as soon as he see’s me playing around with the household appliances, he is by my side in the kitchen like a flash.

He loves to open and close the door and play around with the dials, sometimes he even manages to get the wash on, which usually entices his ‘wow’ face. A look of pure amazement with… you guessed it, a wide open mouth.

Just the other day Leo was emptying the dirty wash basket on to the floor and throwing Daddy’s pants at his Godmummy who was sat minding her own business in the lounge. He continued to empty the entire basket contents onto the floor before putting them all in the washing machine. The right place to put them but I do think that his Godmummy was a little bit flustered by the time Leo had put them all away…

All was forgiven though when Leo decided to brush both mine and his Godmummy’s hair. We both looked a little bit tangled afterwards…But Leo loved playing hair dresser!

I have talked about Leo’s blankie in the past, and how his love for blankie has increasingly grown in recent weeks since the house move. Blankie literally comes with Leo all around the house, it is the very first thing he reaches for in the morning before being picked up out of the cot, and he gives it numerous snuggles throughout the day. Usually around sleepy moments and always, always with his bottle of milk.

I love that Leo has such a comfort in his blankie, and I love how he cuddles in close when he has it in hand. It is one of the only times he really has a proper cuddle during the day.

When it comes to bedtime, it is the same story each night, after Leo is in his baby grow, it is not long before blankie is in one arm and the milk bottle is in the other. We sit together in Leo’s bedroom with just the glow of the night light upon us, when the time comes to go to sleep I lay him down in his cot.

I will then put my finger to my lip and make a ‘shh’ sound, and these days Leo will do exactly the same back. As I leave his room he continues to ‘shh’ me, making it harder and harder for me to get out without giggling.

It would seem that Leo has really settled into his new home and his new day to day routine. Mornings can be a bit of a rush what with having to get Leo to Granny’s house, but our evenings are usually relaxing in front of our new log burner. Leo is so fascinated by it and watches Daddy so intently as he puts more logs in to burn. Having said that though he never tries to touch it, which of course is great as at present we don’t have a fire guard. He will however stand there and say ‘oush’ while pointing directly at it. I can only imagine that he is saying ‘awch’ as I have tried to drum it into him that it is hot and it will hurt if he decides to touch.

What have your little ones been getting up to this week?

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  1. Leo looks so snug with his blankie! Dylan has a duckie but I am so scared of losing it, it never comes out of the cot! They are certainly not babies any more though!


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