Sunday 11 November 2012

Toddler See, Toddler Do - Week 14 & 15

The last few weeks have been a little crazy, crazier than usual even for the mad house! First with the arrival of Leo’s little baby cousin and then over the weekend we moved out of my family’s home, the only home that Leo has known all his life.

We moved to a new house where it will just be the three of us.

Our own little family.

Leo has been adjusting really well, the only real change in him I have noticed is that he is keeping his blankie at arms length, and just the other morning wouldn’t let it out of his sight. He had his milk bottle in one hand and his blankie in the other just twirling it over in his hands and brushing it over his face. I love that his blankie is offering him the familiarity and comfort that he needs in this time of confusion, but he is doing so well and even slept through the night for the first time in months on his second night in the house!

Last week before the move my brother brought Leo’s baby cousin Joshie over to see us, Leo has gone from not showing any interest at all to pointing and saying ‘baba’, on some occasions he will even reach out to touch him on the hand, but his favourite game by far is rocking the car seat back and forth, a game we have to keep a very close eye on!

Joshie has taken to sleeping with his hands above his head, and it wasn’t long until Leo began raising his hands high above his head in imitation of his little cousin. It has now become a great party trick for my little man after he began doing it at dinner and got the world’s greatest reaction from friends and family. Now Leo raises his hands to get big laughs frequently and has even learnt to do a fab elephant impression!

Leo holds his one arm out in front of him and wiggles it around if you ask Leo to be an elephant; this trick gets an even bigger giggle as he just looks so cheeky. Leo is recognising words and knowing the action that we wish to see in return which is just brilliant.

My little monster is really coming along, he is signing and using more words (when he feels like it) but one word he always says’s without fail is ‘Taa’ which is Leo’s attempt at ‘thank you’. If you hand Leo his juice or anything at all he will thank you for it. If Leo comes up to me and takes my phone he will say ‘Taa’ not really giving me a choice but to hand it over! He will do this in most instances and even says it in the dead of night when he awakes for a drink…Through my tired state I appreciate his manners.

Leo has taken to touching his mouth when he touches a hot surface such as a radiator. He instantly puts his hand to his mouth, and if you say ‘hot’ to him then he will put his hand over his lips. I don’t know where he has got this from but he obviously associates it with ‘hot’ and to me this demonstrates that he understands what hot means. It isn’t the correct sign for it but I am going with it, it holds significance to Leo and that is good enough for me!

Leo has perfected a fake laugh and a really false cheeky smile, the kind of smile where he contorts his entire face and shows us flashes of his pearly whites. He will then laugh his false giggle and await everyone to give him a chuckle. He usually gives us the laugh when we chuckle at a funny moment on the television.

Mr centre of attention as always!

Leo is currently sporting his very first friction burn, after becoming really hyped up after his dinner. He decided that playing about jumping off the sofa was just the best game in the world (I hasten to add I left Leo with Daddy) and then he face planted into the arm of the sofa leaving a lovely glowing burn next to his right eye.

This is exactly what Leo was getting up to in my absence….

What have your little one’s been up to?

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