Friday 30 November 2012

Christmas Traditions

Last Christmas Leo was just about to turn 6 months old, and in contrast to this year he is completely different child. At 6 months old he was just beginning to start rolling around the room to get to certain toys that he had set his sights on, now…he runs everywhere and has no problem in getting exactly what he wants.

I have wanted to make an effort at Christmas from the very start, implement traditions that we will carry through the years throughout Leo’s childhood and beyond. Last year we took Leo on the Santa Express train, and it was such a lovely experience even for a baby in arms. I dressed Leo in his festive Santa’s outfit and we set foot onto the express train heading to the North Pole. Even Luke got into the festive spirit and agreed that this would be something we do with Leo year after year, and those photos from the Leo’s very first Christmas will act as a reminder for always.

This year Leo will get so much more out of this magical train ride to visit Santa Clause, and I know in turn I will too. The train ride with all of the decorations will actually mean something to him this year and who knows what he will make of the man in red himself?

For the first time ever we are going to be in our own home, with our own tree. A tree that will need decorating with fairy lights and pretty decorations to let the Christmas magic shine in. Leo’s very own decorations will be getting hung on the tree, decorations that we bought in anticipation of his very first Christmas back in 2011. This will be our very first family Christmas tree and I am looking forward to decorating it and putting these very special decorations on pride of place.

I imagine next year Leo will be at an age where he can help me decorate the tree, rather than pull it down. Next year the magic will be even more apparent and mystifying. When Leo’s belief in Santa Clause and all of his elves is more alive than ever. I can’t help wanting to nurture Leo’s belief in the magic of Christmas for as long as I possibly can, I am already dreaming up the ways that Santa will manifest himself into Leo’s life, confirming his existence at this very special time of the year.

We will be spending the big day at my family’s house, where Leo and I will have Christmas lunch before heading off to visit Luke’s family. It get’s harder to spread ourselves around as on these special occasions everyone wants to see Leo opening his presents.

I have always spent Christmas at home with my family, and that is what I wish to continue. I am open to compromise around Christmas evening where we will visit the rest of the family, so that they all get a chance to see Leo.

Christmas Eve is the most magical night of the year to me, I think it even tops Christmas Day. Christmas Eve is when all of the anticipation is at the highest point, I could never sleep on Christmas Eve when I was a child, and last year I was just as excited as I was way back then. As Leo slept soundly in the next room, my stomach was doing somersaults in excitement for the next day!

This year I will be reading Leo ‘The Night Before Christmas’ just as I was as a child. I have asked Santa if he will drop off 1 present early for Leo, his Christmas Pyjamas, with his slippers and a dressing gown. All ready for the next morning when we head down to see whether Santa has been or not.

I feel more excited by the thought of Christmas than ever, I guess it gives me a second shot at reliving all of the magic that comes with it, even if I am living it through Leo. I have to admit that I often sneak a peak at where Santa is via Norad Santa Tracker on Christmas Eve, just to see what he is up to and what part of the world he is flying through…It will be great to show Leo this when he is older…At least then I wont be watching on my own!

What are your Christmas Traditions? And what will you be getting up to this year?

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  1. Ahhhh, I love Christmas and all the traditions. So exciting, especially with children. It's so fun getting to come up with your own traditions and thinking how those traditions will look over the years as the family grows.


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