Thursday 22 November 2012

The Dyson DC41 Animal Vacuum Review

Moving house for the first time very quickly highlights all of those things that you are going to need. Things that you don’t have and things that you will need to get very quickly for that impending move.

One of those things for us was a vacuum cleaner. An essential piece of equipment with Leo on the prowl, dropping crumbs on the floor, behind the cushions on the sofa and boy…Don’t get me started on the dining room. Dinner in our house is one very messy affair; Leo seems to feed more food to the floor than he does to his mouth, and for me that is more than enough reason to lie black bin liners underneath his chair to catch all the debris that rains down through each meal.

Dyson have very kindly saved our necks, not to mention our lovely new carpets and sent us a selection of their extensive range to try out in an attempt to save our new home from the mess that accompanies toddlerhood!

The first one I am going to be telling you about is the Dyson DC41 Animal, the bagless upright vacuum cleaner. I want to start by confirming that they have named this powerful vacuum an animal for a very good reason, and it certainly lives up to it’s name.

I found the setting up of the Animal really simple, and within a few minutes I had it all assembled and ready to go for a spin, the instruction manual provides you with a clear and concise diagram which shows you what to attach and where to attach it.

It must be fool proof as I managed it flying solo.

What’s in the box?
- Stair Tool
- Combination Tool
- Mini Turbine Head
- Operation Manual
- Quick Start Guide
- 5 Year Guarantee and Guarantee Information

I am no stranger to Dyson as my Mum has an older model that has served her well. Of course living with them and little Leo, we have become accustomed to one another to say the least, what with all of the mess Leo makes on a daily basis; this older model does not feature the ball technology and is substantially heavier than the Animal. Going from a 10 year old model to the latest model, I have been amazed at how light and manoeuvrable it is. It is so simple to glide around the room, and you don’t even have to go in straight lines, backwards and forwards any more. You can go where ever the mess is!

The Dyson comes with everything you could possibly need and more, there a number of different heads that you can attach to vacuum hose for each of those unique hard to reach places.

This upright vacuum cleaner is great on all floor types, we have a laminate kitchen floor, carpeted lounge and dining area, where as the hallway is tiled. The Animal gets around the entire house smoothly and really does the job, leaving no room un-turned.

With the long extendable hose and stair tool attachment, I can get up and down our steep steps with ease and very effectively clean the entirety of the stair case, I do have to move the vacuum onto the upstairs landing for the final section, but with it then upstairs I am presented with the perfect opportunity to vacuum up there too.

Although we have no pets, the suction that this vacuum produces (it uses patented Root Cyclone technology to benefit from no loss of suction!) would be perfect to get up those stubborn animal hairs, and from what I have heard/read this vacuum comes highly recommended by pet owners for this very reason.

Aside from the DC41 being such a smooth ride, I absolutely love that it is a bag less vacuum cleaner. This means no changing of the bag and all I have to do is empty the contents of the full unit into the trash, put it back into position and continue my mission to a cleaner home. 

The DC41 retails at £389.99 so is at the premium end of the vacuum spectrum but it is worth every penny, and combine the working function with the 5 year guarantee you really do have yourself a great purchase on your hands. Dyson are currently offering the Animal for £309.99 making this package an even more attractive proposition. 

Dyson truly have some fabulous products that would serve any family home well, the Animal truly takes the pain out of whipping out the vacuum and hoovering up. In fact Luke and I have almost came to blows on who got to use the vacuum cleaner first! 

I will leave you with a round up of the DC41 features:

- Multi cylonic technology.
- 255 air watts.
- Ideal for pet hair.
- No loss of suction.
- Length of hose 4.7m.
- Stretch hose for staircase cleaning.
- Capacity of dustbin 2.11 litres.
- Total capacity 2.11 litres.
- Dustbag full indicator.
- Easy and hygienic dustbox emptying.
- HEPA filtration.
- Washable filter.
- Manual cord rewind.
- Manual on/off control.
- Adjustable floorhead.
- Includes combination tool, stair stool and mini turbine head.
- On-board tool storage.
- Plastic extension tubes.
- Suitable for all floor types.
- 9.4m power cord.
- Rotating brush bar.
- Size H107, W39, D34cm.
- Weight 7.8kg.
- Manufacturer's 5 year guarantee.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Dyson DC41 Animal for the purpose of this review, however all views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.


  1. wow you lucky thing how on earth did you get a dyson to review :)

  2. £389 is heavy money though isn't it? There is no doubt the DC41 is a good machine, but we have had some in for repair already in our shop.

    In my view, Dyson are becoming a little gimmicky now. The model range is too confusing, and the products feature way more plastic than they did.

    We still recommend people buy a non-ball DC14 where possible. Absolutely solid machines and easy-to-obtain spare parts. The Volvo of the Dyson range; if you will.

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