Friday 16 November 2012

Dirty Dishes

I have been keeping a secret.
A secret from my other half.

After all…I don’t want to hurt his feelings.
What would he do if he knew?

But the time has come to tell him.

Yes I think I am ready to talk about the monster that has been lurking in the closet now.

I have a problem, an OCD sort of problem when it comes to the washing up.

I have to do all the washing up myself, as I have to know everything is super squeaky and shiny. I also have to do all of the drying up myself too…Just so there are no fluffles left on the plates or in the glasses. They all have to be pristine when they go back into the cupboard.

There have been occasions where Luke has put dirty items on the draining rack. The mug he was using to drink his tea (because he might want another one later) or the knife he used to cut the cheese…Because they are still clean in his eyes and don’t warrant a scrub just yet.

Just the other day I scrubbed what looked like years worth of tea stains out of his favourite mug, the mug he had left on my clean draining rack.

Now this post is not a dig about Luke’s washing up ability, or enthusiasm for washing up. He offers all the time and I always decline.

Luke has often wondered why the washing up takes me so long and why I insist on doing it so methodically or even religiously. He has wondered why I don’t ever let him do it himself and why I even come over all snarly when he offers to dry for me!

But last week Luke beat me to it. He did the washing up himself.

Oh the horror!

I sat there on the sofa watching him.

Trying not to let him see my eyes burning holes into his back. Trying not to run over and steal the cloth off him. I told him not to worry, that I would do it. But he continued none the less…

This was on Wednesday night, so when he went to work the next morning I ran my finger over the plates and the entirety of last nights washing up. I was greeted with residue food and washing up that did not reach my satisfaction.

Something clicked…

I don’t even remember much after that… The sink was suddenly bubbling with hot soapy water and when I came too all the washing up was now sparkling, running my fingers back over the plate I was pleased to see that the residue that was once there was now gone.

Then I suddenly realised that I had a problem. A big soapy washing up kind of problem. I may soon be checking into the washing up anonymous group…

It doesn’t just stop there though. My washing up problem exceeds just our kitchen.

In restaurants when I sit down, at my parents, anywhere… If the cutlery or cups look a little grubby I will swap it, usually with Luke’s when he isn’t looking, just so that my set is nice and shiny.

The cat is out of the bag with Luke now though. He knows all about my problem, and even laughed when he found out about the game of ‘swaps’ I have been playing with the cutlery…

So with my dirty laundry now aired…I guess I best go and do the washing up.


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  2. Nice to know someone is as crazy as me about clean dishes still being 'dirty' we got a dishwasher as I was too crazy with washing up, but still sometimes take the clean things out of the dishwasher and hand wash if I get there first :)
    Very interesting post there xx

    1. How I wish we could have a dishwasher! We just don't have the space or else I would have one myself!


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