Thursday 6 December 2012


Through all of Leo’s mischievousness ways, his cheeky smiles and his dirty laugh, I find myself staring at him.

Captivated and proud. Very, very proud.

Even 17 months later I have to pinch myself, just to remind myself that he is real and I played my part in bringing him into this world. I have helped teach him life lessons and to sit, crawl and walk, I have been there on many a sleepless night... but through it all I am just incredibly, inexplicably proud.

I am proud of every milestone and achievement that Leo makes, even when it means I have to keep putting the same load of washing on three times in one day, all because the little tinker has turned it off three separate times.

I am proud of the smiles he beams at me and the way he takes in everything around him, he really does not let anything get past him these days.

Watching him become more and more independent with each passing day fills me with wonder, wonder of what tomorrow brings and what he may discover. 

I casually asked Leo today to bring me a nappy so that I could change him for the umpteenth time. And off he went into the cupboard under the stairs and brought out the pack of nappy's for me. When I asked him I did not think for one moment that he would actually do it, but he did.

Leo surprises me everyday in one way or another, and with each passing day I become the proudest Mummy in the world, because to me he is perfect. It doesn't matter how many temper tantrums he has or how he throws all of his clothes out of his wardrobe, to me he is my world and all of these moments just make the journey more exciting.


  1. Ahhh, what a lovely post hun. I think all mummies feel like this about their children. I know that when the little man was born I couldn't believe it was possible to be so constantly proud of every single tiny thing. But you are and it doesn't go away, you just have more things to be proud of as they grow up. x

  2. I love this post, you boy is a star x


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