Monday 10 December 2012

Winter: ‘Not all bad’

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Nobody likes winter. Between the freezing cold weather and snow that makes driving almost impossible, this season makes even leaving home a monumental task. And once you think about having to put on every piece of clothing that you own in an effort to stay warm, you may as well call the whole thing off -- at least until spring arrives.

But, as my three-year-old recently pointed out, maybe winter isn’t all bad. There’s comfort food to pass the time. And since we rarely want to leave the house when it gets really cold, we manage to clock in more family time. So, in the spirit of looking on the bright side of things in a dreary season -- and in the spirit of celebrating the little things -- here’s a list that we compiled of all the great things we love about winter.

A chance to show off your cold-weather style. Sure, it’s a hassle to have to dress in so many layers, but more clothing means that you have more of a chance to show off your style. Think knee-high boots and adorable peacoats along with mittens and matching scarves and hat sets. The accessories alone are a reason to look forward to going out.

A justification for consuming so many treats. The holidays are great for seeing family and friends, but what I really look forward to are the delicious cakes and pies that ever-present in my household. It’s true that my momentary indulgence will send me into a weight loss frenzy once warm weather comes, but for the time being, I have lots of layers to wrap myself in to disguise the slight weight gain that happens to so many of us in winter. Thus, our family mantra is that it’s okay to have a treat a day. In fact, this is a ritual that we firmly believe in.

A reason to have toasty (and tasty) drinks. From warm apple cider to hot cocoa, nothing says happiness like a mug full of your favourite winter drink and a good book to read. Though we prefer sunny weather, one of the things we hate to bid adieu to come springtime is our habit of drinking rich, warm beverages.

An excuse to snuggle up by a fire. Summer is all about being active, but when it’s cold outside, finding a warm spot by a hearth is almost instinctual. My family likes to take advantage of our fireplace to avoid high heating bills. As an unintended result, we often end up situated around it to play with the kids’ Wii or watch movies, so it also doubles as a reason to spend quality time together.

A chance to make a great escape to a sunnier climate. And if you’re really not a fan of winter, maybe your favourite part of the chilly season is being able to pack your Pistol Panties and sunblock so that you can escape the cold. Whether you head to Hawaii or take a trip to Thailand, you’ll be able to absorb some much needed sun for a completely warranted holiday.

Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by Avenue 32

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