Saturday 15 December 2012

The Il Tutto Nico Changing Bag

Long before having Leo I loved my hand bags, each and every single one of them. I loved the small clutches and the bigger weekender bags that I could comfortably carry about, while fitting in everything I may possibly need.

Over the years my bag collection has blossomed, and a bag for every occasion was within easy reach but with Leo’s arrival, I was confronted with the biggest bag decision of my life. I was going to need. A changing bag.

I suddenly found that I needed a bag big enough to carry everything that a newborn could possibly need while we were out and about. And the biggest surprise for me was just how much a newborn would need.

Nappies, fold out changing matt, baby wipes, milk bottles, formula storage, a change of clothes and the list goes on….and on!

What I needed was some sort of Mary Poppin’s bag that came fully equipped for every possible scenario that may present it’s self, but realistically I needed a sizeable bag that I could comfortably pack with everything I would need. I looked everywhere for the perfect bag, I wanted a pretty bag, something that didn’t look like a changing bag, something that I could have for me through all of the things I had been purchasing for my unborn baby.

I have recently discovered Il Tutto who design luxury baby bags for Mums just like me, Mum’s who want that one item for themselves with all of the practicality of a changing bag hidden away in the shell of a beautiful Italian Leather bag.

Il Tutto have sent me the Nico Tote in the beautiful fire engine Red to fulfil my changing bag dreams and also share my experiences with like minded parents. I absolutely love this changing bag and what I really adore is that when I am not using it as a changing bag, I can still use it for me as an everyday bag that looks great and can hold all of the things that I take out with me and accumulate during the day.

Features of the Nico Tote
- Zip out printed lining for washing
- Insulated bottle holder
- Waterproof changing mat with easy Velcro closure
- Clear plastic zip pocket case for wet items
- Il Tutto metallic silver monster teddy
- Large back zip pocket and roomy end pockets

The Nico Tote is made from crinkle patent PU and features unique hardware pieces along with a metallic Silver teddy. There are two ways you can carry this bag, with the carry straps that you can either hold on your arm or using the additional strap you can add and carry it over your shoulder or the pram handle.

The bag arrived in it’s very own dust bag just adding to the excitement surrounding the un-veiling of my new multi-purpose bag. I slowly took it out of the bag protecting the Nico from the elements and I felt a big smile wash over my face. I was instantly impressed with the substantial size of the tote and of course the flash of colour it brought into the room on the otherwise dark Winters day.

The Nico Tote has so many wonderful pockets that you can store away everything; there are two on either side of the bag and one big one on the back. Inside you have pockets for nappies, wipes and everything else all set among an eye catching Brown and Red spot lining.

You will be as pleased as I was to discover that you can actually remove this lining by un-zipping it which means you can get it washed after your toddler inadvertently spills his milk on it, much to your horror.

Aside from the pockets being a godsend and allowing you to keep a sense of order in your bag of otherwise mayhem, the tote is deep and offers plenty of space for you to comfortably get everything in. That means everything for baby and also those luxury items for you too, before Leo came along I liked to have a hair brush and other essentials that may come in handy, but the bag I had chosen didn’t have the room to allow for this, but all that has changed now thanks to my Nico Tote.

Each bag also boasts a small internal zip pocket, a mobile pocket and a clip that you can attach your keys to, saving you the drama of ever losing them…Something I am renowned for doing!

The tote comes with everything you would expect in a changing bag such as the single insulated bottle holder and easy to foldaway waterproof changing mat. Both of these coveted essentials come in the same eye catching Brown and Red spot design. A clear zip bag is included in the accessories of this tote, and I can vouch from experience that you will find plenty of use for it. For this I have Leo to thank.

If you were to look at this changing bag you would actually have no idea that it was one, and even when the baby years are trailing off into the distance you will still have a beautiful bag that you can use for your day to day travels.

Even on days where I go solo without Leo this bag has become my bag of choice, I can take everything I need for me and still have room for additional items that I may add through purchases I make. My pet hate when out without Leo and of course down on the pushchair storage is having shopping bag upon shopping bag in tow, where possible I like to consolidate into one bag just to have use of my hands again!

The Il Tutto Nico retails at £149.00 and although the initial price may make you gasp a little, you really do see the quality reflected back at you with this bag. Danni Minogue and Denise Van Outen have both been seen with the Nico in Navy, and obviously share my love for it!

The Nico is set to last and even when I no longer need a changing bag for Leo, I can see this tote in my bag collection for many years to come.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Nico Tote changing bag for the purpose of this review, however all views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.

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