Thursday 27 December 2012

The Polar Express

One of the Christmas traditions we implemented with Leo very early on was a visit to Santa's grotto, but not just any trip. We wanted to make this trip into a magical journey for him, so that is exactly what we did. 

On the 21st December 2012, the day the world was predicted to end we jumped on the Santa Express and set off to the North Pole. 

Setting foot onto the train you could feel the Christmas cheer roaring around the many excited children,  there were decorations and people singing Christmas songs. The atmosphere really did make the journey even more magical. Leo could not sit still and from the start of our journey to the very end, he had ants in his pants!

With our journey underway and the countryside rolling past us as we made our way to visit Father Christmas, we all prepared our belongings as it would not be long until we arrived in the North Pole, not on this magical train. The train conductor wondered through the carriage as we grew closer to our destination, he told us to keep our eyes pealed for Reindeer upon coming through the magical tunnel. He told us that the snow was yet to fall at the North Pole this Christmas which would make our journey a lot easier!

We were lead into the grotto where Leo came face to face with Santa for the second time and I had my reservations as to how he may react. My instincts were right, as Leo didn't want to sit on Santa's lap this year. As soon as Leo was in Santa's grasp his little lip quivered and he began to cry. So Daddy sat next with him while they discussed presents.

The Santa Express is a fantastic experience for families and I love that it brings the whole experience to life. It is not everyday you set off into the countryside on a magical steam train to see the wonders of the North Pole!

As we all climbed back into the warm confine of the train, all of the Elves and Father Christmas himself came out to wave the train off. Leo stood on the table waving to everyone out of the window. He waved and waved until the train pulled away from the station and then sat back down to enjoy the journey back home.

How does your little one react to the big man in red? Did you visit Santa this year?


  1. That sounds like a great tradition to have. How exciting to ride the polar express and visit father Christmas. The photos are great. X

    1. I am so glad we did this with him from year one. I certainly plan on doing this each and every year! x


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