Friday 4 January 2013

18 Months Old

My how time is flying Leo, 18 months have now passed since your arrival.

1 whole year and 6 months.

You are learning so much, from simple actions to brand new words and you can make me understand exactly what you want. There are of course moments that you cannot get your view across but it won't be long before you learn more words that will eliminate that budding frustration.

Over the last few weeks you seem to have come out with so many new words, and with these words has come more of an understanding. You have a fascination with 'toast' and it seems that given half the chance you would eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Over Christmas you received so many imaginative toys, one of which was a beautiful wooden kitchen. As expected you loved it straight away and got to cooking me many yummy dinners. You would take the spoon and stir around in one of your pots and when I asked you if you were cooking porridge, you replied 'orridge'. Now you cook me porridge all the time, along with lots of toast of course.

It is lovely watching you play your make believe games and putting all of your plastic food into the oven, the pizza and the cake seem to be firm favourites at present. You bring the pizza over to me to eat and when I ask for more you shake your head from side to side while beaming me a big cheeky grin. Your such a little monkey!

I took you shopping the other day just as the sun was setting, the rest of the sky was dark but there was one big open stretch of red sky that looked beautiful. It certainly captured your attention. I pointed to the sky and so did you, you said 'sky' and then your innocence shone through. You thought the sky was on fire and blew with all your might to try and blow out the sky fire. 

Your innoncence is just beautiful. 

Other words you have been saying over the last few weeks have been:

- Bird
- Car
- Aya (Alice)
- Cha (Chris) 
- Granddad
- Star
- Cheese 
- Juice

At 18 months old you run everywhere instead of walking and you finally seem to have cracked sleeping through the night. This sleep malachy really does put a big smile on my face, but maybe I shouldn't have written this because it usually seems that as soon as I blog my joy at your sleeping, you revert!

I love watching you grow into the little person that you are always becoming, but with only 6 months to go until you turn 2 I am left wondering how my little baby boy got so big. Don't you remember me telling you to slow down over and over again? 

I can promise you that 2013 is going to be full to the brim of fun, we are going to take this year by storm and do so much together. 


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