Thursday 10 January 2013

Panasonic Combi Ovens

Last year I told you all my exciting news about being picked as a Panasonic Intelligent Living Mum. Back in December we had our second meeting, so all 10 of the chosen Living Mum’s descended upon Bracknell to visit the Panasonic Head Offices.

It was fantastic to see everyone again and having now met everyone once before it gave us more time to jump straight into the task at hand, and on this occasion it was Microwave Ovens.
Now up until this visit to Panasonic I thought a microwave could simply heat up food and savage the meat you are trying to defrost, or that could just be the microwave that we inherited…. However my view on microwaves has now well and truly changed, and for the better!

The session was very hands on and we all got assigned different recipies to cook up in the combi ovens, there was roast chicken, brownies, mince meat and a vegetable curry! I did ponder how we were going to achieve some of these ambitious recipes in a microwave, it is just didn’t seem possible. But roast a chicken they did, and bake brownies…they did!

Using the combi technology of the convection oven, grill and microwave the chicken roasted in a mere 50 minutes and was succulent, crisp and juicy. It had come out perfect. Straight out of the microwave!

My job was to cook up a cheats Bolognese, and it could not have been any easier. If you are in need of a quick dinner then the sheer convenience factor is well deserved.

Cheats Mince
- Chop up an onion
- Add the mince to a mixing bowl
- Add the sauce and the onion
- Add water
- Cover the bowl and place in the microwave on high for 10 minutes.
- Take out and stir, re-seal and place on medium microwave for 10 minutes.

Viola…Dinner is served. The preparation time was minutes and the finished results were incredibly tasty, even if it was cheating!

I have to say that I was completely oblivious to how far microwave technology has come in the last decade, I had of course heard of these new fancy microwave ovens but I had never seen or had the opportunity to try one out personally. I went in completely sceptical but after seeing exactly what these microwaves can do, I am completely converted.

I arrived home and excitedly told Luke all about these fantastic machines, he looked at me like I had lost the plot, and maybe I had. However Luke is now completely on side, he has seen first hand exactly what can be achieved with a combi oven. Ever since Panasonic sent us our very own NN-CF771 to try out, I have used it everyday.

Most days I don’t even need to turn on the oven, as I can do absolutely everything with my combi, and I do. It is so easy to use and I would go as far as calling it fool proof.

I will be sharing some of the yummy recipes that I have been cooking up off the Panasonic Ideas Kitchen over the next couple of weeks as I try out new things.

Disclaimer: I had my travel costs covered to be in attendance, however all views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.

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