Monday 21 January 2013

Snow Fun

Last winter snow didn't fall, well not memorably anyway. Any attempts were thwarted and didn't provide any snow fun what so ever.

This meant that Leo's first winter came and past with out any snow, taking us into his second year having never really experienced the excitement that comes with the cold weather!

January has brought with it plummeting temperatures and even sprinkled the white stuff that I have been longing for. Snow! When Leo awoke last week it was to a winter wonderland, in my haste to get him to the window I whipped up the blind so that he could see outside,past the icicles and falling snow flakes. 

Leo stared taking in the magic that he was beholding, slightly dazed and confused but mesmerized none the less.

I told him it was snow and asked him whether he would like to go outside and experience his very first snow fall. I was met with the familiar shake of Leo's head...He was telling me he did not wish to go outside and that he was happy watching it fall from the window.

I got him ready for playing outdoors anyway, and before I knew it I was slipping his wellies onto his feet so that we could hit the icy blast that had descended upon us!

We got into the garden and Leo was running around enjoying the crunch of the snow under his feet, I followed him and watched him taking in this new experience. All was going well until Leo took a tumble and realised just how cold the snow was against his warm skin, and that was when he decided he disliked the snow.

Coming back inside Leo stood at the window watching the continuous snow fall shaking his head in a disapproving manner. Leo's feelings seemed to warm toward the snow after warming up, and he soon brought his wellington boots back over to me so that we could head back out into the garden. The relationship was soon back on track and Leo reverted to running around listening to the now familiar crunch of the snow under his boots.

Leo was not interested in picking the snow up with his hands, he was content with just being outside and running around the garden. I soon realised that Leo didn't wish to come back inside for love nor money, despite his hands and nose being freezing cold, when he guessed that I was calling time on play time he screamed his toddler scream and went rigid so that I could not bring him inside. When I got him through the door he let out the menacing temper tantrum that pierced my very being.

He climbed back up to the window telling me 'snow' and brought me his wellies, letting me know that he was longing to go back outside. So I decided we should take a walk upto Granny's house so that he could walk in the snow a bit longer. He walked the entire way, it's only a 5 minute journey but for little legs that is quite a leap! And when we arrived he refused to go inside, he was longing to stay outside even though it was now starting to get dark....

Leo has loved having the snow, and my only regret is not getting to build him his very first snowman. This of course will be on our to do list for next time! 

The snow brought with it magic and excitement, and allowed my little man to thouroghly enjoy hinself. So despite all of the disruption that snow brings with it, it also makes many little people's dreams come true! And next time we will make sure we have a sledge at the ready!

How were your snow days?


  1. Awww, bless him. I'm glad he grew to love the snow in the end. We've had a little man using the not-too-subtle hint of bringing us his wellies or putting on his wellies and standing by the front door, in an attempt to get us to go outside.
    It's so lovely to see children enjoying the snow, especially as we get so little of it.

    1. I think because snow is so rare that it is a bit of a shock when everything turns white. Once they get their heads around it though they can't get enough :) xx

  2. Lovely photos Laura, and we had a similar thing, but she loved it to start with and then both times we took her out, by about half an hour she had had enough and started crying. I think it just got too cold for her. Its lovely to get out in it for a bit though. x

    1. Thanks lovely. Glad Mad's enjoyed the snow in the end! x

  3. Dylan loved it too as long as he didn't have to touch it with his bare hands! We went for a two hour walk in it and he was more than happy to come back inside after that! Hope you get some more to build the snowman! x

    1. Exactly how Leo was, he just liked the crunching under his boots! x

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