Wednesday 23 January 2013

A Belated New Years Resolution!

January is the month that you make or break your New Years Resolutions, and honestly…I don’t think mine ever took flight. My resolution to myself was to eat more healthily (less of the chocolate gold!) and to somehow find time to exercise and maybe even go to the gym a couple of times a week.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not heading for a mass diet, I am in my pre-baby clothes and have been since I brought Leo home from the hospital (please don’t hate me!) but I really want to get toned again.

Now although I am yet to give up the chocolate, I am mentally preparing to do exactly that!

Maxitone have given me the final push and of course the motivation to give my New Years resolution a chance by sending me a very generous box of goodies.

Now before I can start and make the very most of everything that I have been sent, someone really needs to tell my tummy that Christmas is over and there is no more excuse for me to be munching on the naughty goodness, oh and let’s not forget the occasional tipple of Malibu and Coke!

Maxitone must have heard me pondering how I would fit in the time to head out to the gym, or the dilemma I have with finding the motivation to leave the house in an evening as they have included a Power Ball Kitl and a DVD to work out too. They have also included a Cardio To Go Kit and DVD and although I haven’t had chance to use it yet, it is going to make my chances to exercise so much easier as I can do it through Leo’s nap time in the comfort of my own lounge.

To help with the exercise that I WILL be doing, Maxitone have included their Definity Shake, a high protein drink that is ideal for drinking straight after your work out to help your body recover. They have even anticipated that I may like to snack, all be it a healthy alternative! Sculptress bars are a nutritious high protein snack replacement, so I can wave bye bye to anything that may want to distract me from the mission in hand. Getting toned!

*Empties Bin and throws all chocolate away!*

So yes I have opted to start a New Years resolution a little later than everyone else… I did in fact have a Mcdonalds for lunch…However from this moment I am going to be skipping and donning my weighted ball, choosing a healthier lunch option and hoping that by shear determination I will be able to get the tummy back that I was once rather proud of!

So here it goes….Wish me luck!

I have a feeling….I am going to need it!

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