Friday 11 January 2013

The Dark Knight Rises

Just before Christmas Warner Bros. very kindly sent us a very generous Blu Ray collection, and among the discs was The Dark Knight Rises. Now I personally have never in my entire life watched a single Batman movie. Luke on the other hand has seen them all.

Now I will be honest, if I hadn’t been sent this Blu Ray to give my personal opinion on and Luke had not nagged me like he did to watch it, then I probably wouldn’t have. I had already ordered Luke to go on his own to watch it when it hit the cinema screens last year…But I decided that I should give it a go and see what I thought.

I know so little about Batman and his character that about 10 minutes into the film I asked Luke if Bruce Wayne was Batman, only to be met with the tell-tale glare insinuating that I was asking silly questions.

The Dark Knight Rises follows on 8 years after the Dark Knight film concludes and peace has fallen upon Gotham. Batman took the fall for policeman Harvey Dent’s murder and has since hung up the costume for good.

Selina Kyle (cat women) is a jewellery thief or cat burgler if you prefer! She appears posing as house help in the Wayne mansion only to later sneak into his private quarters and steal Bruce’s Mother’s locket, out of the safe that Wayne has been informed is unbreakable.

Bruce, putting his Batman days behind him becomes withdrawn from the real world and confines himself to Wayne Manor. Bruce is a shell of his former self, frail and his business in a weak financial footing, but with the arrival of a new evil force named Bane, Batman is forced to consider whether his retirement is founded or not.

Bane is a scary looking man with voice to match, and he is planning to take over Gotham city and expose the truth about who Harvey Dent really was. Of course Batman rises to the occasion as any true superhero would and protects Gotham against Bane’s evil wrath.

Batman’s return is not welcomed by the police who still believe that he is responsible for Harvey Dent’s murder and it soon becomes evident that Batman has very few allies and people he can call upon.

Overall I let myself enjoy the film even though it is not usually the kind of genre that I would personally choose. At 2 hours 45 minutes long I did find it a bit tedious at times having not seen the films predecessors.

However the Dark Knight Rises is certainly a well-made film with many twists and turns, some of them predictable and some of them completely out fo the blue.

Each member of the cast put on a good show, I have to admit I thought Anne Hathaway was great as cat women, always making you question who’s side she was really on and what her ultimate goal was.

Of course Luke thought the film was great, he was so pleased that Warner Bros. had sent this along for him to watch and was gripped from start to finish, except of course when I was asking one of the many questions that I had…

The plot had depth and from what Luke tells me concludes the Batman story, however from what I could see they were not shutting the door completely on Batman, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we were to see another Batman film in the future.

And who knows, maybe I will even let Luke take me to the cinema to see it. Only time will tell…

You can purchase your own copy of The Dark Knight Rises from Amazon.

Disclaimer: I was sent The Dark Knight Rises for the purpose of this review. However all views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.

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  1. An ambitious, honourable and satisfying conclusion to this genre-defining trilogy.


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