Tuesday 8 January 2013

A Story

For decades we have been finding ways to share our life experiences in the future, history dictates the findings that have been found on cave walls and of course marked in the ancient tombs of Egypt, we know so much about past events because people have taken the time to tell us in their own special ways with the means that they had available to them.

Although we have evolved we are still seeking ways in which we can share our stories, only these days it is a far cry from the markings we used to leave upon cave walls.

These days we blog for the very same reasons that those before us told their stories through pictures compiled out of mud, we want to share our hopes, dreams and aspirations. We want our most treasured memories to live on and maybe help others through our mistakes and experiences.

I like to think that one day Leo and I will sit down together and go through every last little bit of our story, because that’s what this is. It’s our story.

I want him to see how far he has come and everything that we have done together. I like to think that one day when I am old that I will find some comfort in the words that I once wrote, that even though Leo has grown up and has children of his own, I will still have every memory, every adventure and every bedtime story.

You never know what is around the corner and that really is a scary thought, I hate the thought that one day I could just be gone through no fault of my own and Leo would lose all of the memories that I hold for him.

That is why my blog is so important to me; it is my gift to Leo so that he will always have every memory that I cherish for him. It will be here for him, and it will be here for me.

I have captured so much in his short life, from the first time smiled to the time he rolled over, his first tooth to his first crawling attempt. The first time he belly laughed we caught it on video and it hasn’t stopped there, he then went on to take his very first steps and got even cheekier.

Of course there have been moments where I have been at my witts end and I have sought advice, there have been moments where he has been poorly and kept me up all night long, but our whole story is always unfolding, there is so much that is still un-written.

Some of you know that I have been taking a weekly photograph of Leo and that we have been doing it ever since Leo was born. I shared his first year with you back in June when Leo turned one and we are still actively taking these photographs. I think they capture so much and with each passing week as Leo’s story grows, so is he. He changes all of the time and I am going to capture every moment and share them on my very own cave wall in the hope that we can live on through our memories and aid families going through similar experiences.


  1. I couldn't agree more Laura. I think blogging is a fantastic legacy that we leave our children. I know how much I would love to be able to read something like my blog but from my mum as a young mother. And I really do think they'll love to be able to read all about their earliest years.
    Morbid as it may be, I love the thought that if something were to happen to me, then my children could know me through my blog and know how I adored them. X

    1. Blogging really does let you capture every little detail. Re-reading posts from just a few months ago highlights things I have forgotten. Makes me smile knowing that even if I forget the smallest thing, it's still there as it's all here xx


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