Friday 30 August 2013

A new bed

I am currently awaiting delivery of a new faux leather bed, and I have been occupying some of my spare time by looking at new duvet cover sets. The new bed has a lovely high head board and is comparable to a bed you may find in a swanky hotel room, so I have been looking at bedding to suit. 

For me I find bedding quite a personal choice, the designs and colours you go pick out speak volumes about what you like and what you are about. It is also something that you can choose to be as exciting or plain as you like, it's an opportunity to complete your bedroom image and express yourself.

Nothing beats slipping down under those brand new crisp sheets.

As the bed is leather I have been looking into some darker bedding sets that I think will really compliment the rest of the bed. I am really liking the look of the bedding ranges over at K&Co, especially the Buckingham Duvet Set which I will be ordering in anticipation of the new beds arrival.

I have had a few clothes from Kandco before now for Leo, but they have always been gifted to him and I had no idea that they had such a wide selection of products for sale. I have also discovered their Memory Foam Mattress's... Dare I treat myself?

I think in the not so distant future this is definitely something I will be investing in. I have had the same mattress for longer than I care to imagine, so I think when money is on my side then I am certainly falling into the qualifying grounds to treat myself.

For now though, I will continue to await the arrival of my new bed.

Disclaimer: This is a featured post with K&Co

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