Friday 9 August 2013

How I Lost All of My Birthday Glitter...

Yesterday was my birthday. 
I had big plans for an exciting day out at Legoland but from the moment I woke up, 
to the time I finally got to bed... 
The day had it in for me.

With each passing moment, the day chipped away all of my birthday glitter.

The night before my big 24th,
Leo had become grotty, he was not himself.

That grotty-ness progressed and he ended up in bed with me.
By 4am I had decided to cancel my birthday trip and spend the day at home with Leo.

If only I had stuck to my guns.
If only I hadn't gone...

I was awoken to a smiley face,
as Leo tapped my head shouting 'Mumma' and I decided that Legoland 
was back on again in that mere moment. 

The bag was already packed, the pushchair was in the car. 
The wheels had been inflated especially for this exciting journey...
Arriving at the train station a very kind man helped me up and over the steps, 
but on the other side just as I was about to get on the train...
My front wheel popped.

Simply turning my pushchair around caused the wheel to go *BOOM*.
I stood there, with a very confused Leo.
My face must have mirrored his confusion, 
and a number of business men from first class rushed out of the train to help.

I had no choice but to take my poorly pushchair with me on my travels, 
as the train was set to leave.
Off we set on our latest adventure. 
With each turn of the train wheels,
 taking us further away from home.

Then disaster sets in...
Leo starts to cry.

I told myself 'He will be fine when we get there'.
Almost trying to lull myself into a false sense of security,
knowing deep down that he was coming down with something.
He had been hot to the touch, burning up like a radiator.
I should have stayed at home..

Our journey involved a change.
A change with a poorly baby and a broken pushchair.
My heart was slowly sinking.
I decided the best option was to strap him back into the pushchair 
and see how far we got.
It became apparent very quickly that the only way to really push him, 
was to lift the pushchair up and roll him on the back wheels.

*Along comes Mr Know it all train conductor at Slough Station*

He told me in no un-certain way that this wasn't safe.
I should stop now.
When I had actually wanted to leave the pushchair somewhere 
at Slough station to pick up later, 
there was just no time with the connecting train to make the feesable.

So I stumbled on, loosing a little bit more of my birthday sparkle with each passing minute.

Legoland very kindly checked my pushchair in to keep for me.
But there were no pushchairs left for me to rent. 
I had a poorly toddler who just wanted cuddles and carrying around.
I had a heavy bag full of essentials for the busy fun day we were supposed to be having. 
But there wasn't much fun to be had.

Leo was getting progressively worse,
getting more clingy, more viral.
I began to notice a rash all over Leo's tummy and back.
Having only been there a few hours,
it was time to come home.

The few hours had given us chance to get on 2 rides,
The lines were horrific, but then what did I expect for a sunny day in the Summer holidays?
It would have been fine if Leo was his usual happy self.
But today Leo just needed snuggles with Mumma.
He needed to be at home.

I managed to leave the pushchair at Legoland,
One less problem for the way home on a busy train. 
Now however I need to try and get it home again...

On the transfer at Slough I ran into the same train conductor.
On this occasion we needed him to help us get my sister in law's pushchair onto the train.
I had Leo on one hip, and my bag on the other,
so I asked for his help.
I asked him to help us lift the pushchair onto the train.
His response?

'Sorry I can't, health and safety'.


Is this what the world has come to? 
Now you cannot even ask train staff to help you?
So I commented on the health and safety aspect, 
ironically it would be safer for me to assist and potentially drop my child? 
Or even drop the pushchair?
Yet earlier this very man had been cautioning me on the perils of child safety.

Getting back home was not the end of my hellish day,
I was awake throughout the night with a poorly toddler.
A poorly boy who just wanted to watch Cars 2 on my iPad.
A poorly boy who was awoken bright and early by the road works right outside of our house.

And that is how I lost all of my birthday glitter.


  1. What a rubbish birthday! If it makes you feel any better I spent my 24th birthday at a funeral!

    1. Hoping next years birthday looks a bit brighter x


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