Monday 19 August 2013

Life is like a pair of shoes...

I have made it no secret that I struggled in going back to work after taking 13 months off for my maternity leave. Although time has made things easier and I have adjusted to not spending all of my time with Leo, it has highlighted cracks in the path ahead of me and shown me that going back to work really is a tough choice to make.

Taking over a year off changes you, and when you do go back to that role you under took before coming a parent, sometimes it doesn't fit you in the same way that it once did. I know that for me that is exactly the case, during the time I was absent the office life hustled and bustled as it always did. But I wasn't there, I wasn't a part of all of these new changes. So when I did eventually come back to fill my old shoes, I realised how much smaller they had become. They didn't fit me in the same way any more and they seemed to have lost all of that sparkle and shine they once had. 

In reality though, it wasn't just the job or the people that had changed. I had changed too. In those 13 months I had been 'Mummy' day in and day out. I had changed in order to care for my baby, and he was my number one. It was around this time that I stumbled into the world of blogging and found so many doors opening up for me.

It took going back to work for me to actually see what I wanted for my future, what I still want. In an ideal world I would love to go back and re-train. I would absolutely love to get a marketing qualification under my belt and really throw myself into my future. There is still time for me to break away from my comfort zone and propel my way in a brand new pair of shoes, shoes that fit perfectly and have all of their glitz. 

I am currently gaining work experience in the industry of marketing and public relations, and who knows what the future will hold for me. One day in the not so distant future I in-vision handing in my old shoes and skipping down that yellow brick road ahead of me in a pair of ruby slippers.

For now though, I just have to hope that these old shoes stand their ground.

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  1. I also want to do a marketing course and retrain x


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