Tuesday 13 August 2013

Mumma! Moon!

'Mumma! Moon!'
Squealed an excited Leo as he pointed up to the twilight sky.
I followed the trail of his finger and sure enough at the very end of his finger tip,
there was the moon in all it's crescent glory.

'Wow Leo! Look at the moon! 
If only we could bring it down for you to hold! Do you want it?'
'Yeh, yeh, yeh!' Leo chirps back at me as he continues to point way up high.

'Maybe if you jump high enough you could grab it?'
Leo jumps as high as he can, but it is no use. 
Arms outstretched as far as they could possibly stretch...
But it is just no use, the moon is still so very far away.

'Maybe Dadda could reach it for you baby?'
Leo runs off to find Dadda shouting 'moon' as he goes.
Dadda tries but not even he can get the moon for Leo.

'Maybe if you sit on Dadda's shoulders baby?'
Leo positions himself on Dadda's shoulders...
but no amount of stretching is getting him any closer
 to the moon that is still so very, very far away. 

Leo gets down and starts jumping as high as he can,
clapping his hands as if he is trying to tempt the moon from his perch.
But the moon can't hear Leo's calls.
He is just too far away.

'Maybe we could get a really long ladder baby? 
Then we could climb up to the moon and bring him back for you?'
Leo smiles, he likes this idea.
We look in the garage and agree that no ladder we could possibly find 
would be big enough for this job at hand.

Leo looks up at the moon longingly,
'Moon! Moon Mumma!'
'Yes baby, but he is just to far away.
Not you, nor I, nor Dadda can reach him 
but we can look at how he changes each night. 
We can leave him shining brightly in the night sky for everyone to enjoy'.

'Now little man it is time for bed, so say good night to the moon'.
Leo bids the moon goodnight as he stares into the twilight sky.
His hand rises up to give the moon a big old wave.
'Byeeee moon' says my beautiful little guy,
 who see's only the magic in the world.

He is so pure that he can in-vision holding the moon tightly in his hands,
he thinks that Mumma and Dadda could really bring the moon down to earth.
I just hope that this magic never leaves him.
That he see's the magic all around him forever,
for as long as the moon sits high up in the sky.

Goodnight Moon.


  1. That's so beautiful Laura. Just lovely. Such a gorgeous little story of bedtime. It actually made me a bit teary. x


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