Saturday 17 August 2013

Golden Bear Introduce The New 'In The Night Garden' Toy Collection

I have a big In The Night Garden fan living under my roof, and it is a show that Leo likes to watch each evening in the time where we quieten down ready to go to sleep.

Very recently we went along and watched In The Night Garden Live, and Leo had the most amazing time watching his heroes come to life right before his very eyes.

Then not long after we return from this magical experience I was asked if Leo may like to have a play with a selection of new In The Night Garden toys that have been released by Golden Bear. I didn't really have to think about this for too long, because of course Leo would be more than happy to help out, it is after all one of his favourite shows.

We have been sent the Lullaby Iggle Piggle and a Large Talking Upsy Daisy for Leo to give his thoughts on, and they actually arrived at the perfect moment. Last week Leo was taken down with a viral infection, and my happy little chappy was lost among a dark grey rain cloud feeling poorly and sorry for himself. Then... A few new toys turned up and suddenly there was a slight smile back on his little face again.

Lullaby Iggle Piggle quickly became a firm favourite with Leo, he's a really good size and the perfect toy choice for bed time. If you push Iggle Piggle's hand his cheeks light up with soothing colours and he sways from side to side along with the music. The tunes are songs that will be very familiar to children who watch the popular television show only without the words, which I think is very fitting for a toy that will be accompanying your little one to bed. After all the last thing you want is a bedtime toy that get's your little one all rivalled up when they are supposed to be going to sleep.

Leo has been taking Iggle Piggle to bed with him each and every night since he arrived, and even if Leo has knocked Iggle Piggle's hand by mistake in his sleep it hasn't disturbed his sleeping slumber once. While Leo was poorly Iggle Piggle has been a real source of comfort for Leo, and this has meant that his new little friend has been on the receiving end of a few kisses!

I think another reason that Leo has a little soft spot for Lullaby Iggle Piggle is the fact that he has a blankie. Leo has his very own comfort blankie and has been pointing out Iggle Piggle's and then showing me his very own. It's always nice to have some common ground with those closest to us... right?

What I personally really like about this toy from a parent's point of view is that the motor that makes Iggle Piggle's head move from side to side is very quiet. It is not as loud as some motorised toys I have come across, which of course is something that needs to be considered when purchasing a toy that you want to help aid your child's sleep. 

The Large Talking Upsy Daisy is again a really great size, easy for little hands to get a hold of and even push her hand to make the sounds. She comes out with a number of well known phrases from the television show. Although Leo has played with Upsy Daisy she has not been as popular as Iggle Piggle, but then they are both offering a different level of play value.

Upsy Daisy is lovely and bright, soft and is perfect for any Upsy Daisy fan. 

I have to say that in comparison to other In The Night Garden toys that I have previously seen these two are the nicest. Some of the toys I noticed that were on sale at the live show we visited had what I can only describe as squished faces, and weren't the kind of quality that you would expect. From my personal experience with the new Golden Bear range, these new toys are of really high quality and set to be a real big hit with kids who love this show.

The Lullaby Iggle Piggle retails at £24.99 and is available to buy from The Entertainer Toy Shop.

The Large Talking Upsy Daisy retails at £14.99 and is available to buy from The Entertainer Toy Shop.

Over all I think the new Golden Bear range is really great, and I know that Leo is certainly a big fan. 

I have put together a little clip of these toys in use just so you can hear the different tunes and phrases that each of these toys comes out with. It will also give you an idea of just how loud the motor is on Iggle Piggle, but as I say I thought this was very quiet.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Lullaby Iggle Piggle and Large Talking Upsy Daisy for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.

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