Saturday 10 August 2013

2 Years Wise...

It is coming up to 2 months since Leo turned 2 years old, and we haven't really slowed down since then.

We have been on many exciting trips in the weeks that have followed, and spent lot's of quality time together. Leo has enjoyed seizing the day and running off on his adventures with Mumma just as much as I have in taking him. 

My very clever two year old has begun to recognise the make and model of cars, I have a Peugeot 206 and if we are out and about he will point out another Peugeot and associate it with 'Mumma', he gets even more excited if it is a 206 in the same colour. Leo also recognises Daddy's VW van, and now if we happen to see a white VW... Then of course it has to be Dadda. The many White vans that I have driven past of late only to hear 'Bye Bye Dadda' chirp up from the back seat. Leo is also recognising his Uncle's Passat, which has been nick named 'Josh' after his baby cousin.

On the 19th July 2013 Leo took a momentous leap in learning to scoot on his Micro Scooter. I decided the time had come for my big boy to have the seat taken off, so that he could be just like the bigger kids who were now scooting circles around him. That very same day Leo rose to the occasion and discovered just how fun scooting could be.

Today Leo was able to scoot around with some of the bigger kids on our street, and even got to play with the boy next door for the very first time. Our street has been in drastic need of a re-surfacing for a while, so the last few days the road has had just that. Today the roadworks were finished and there were very few cars parked up, so as soon as the last work man cleared away... The kids came out in force to make the most of this new flat space.

Kids with bikes, scooters and skate boards took to the street. I had no idea we lived on a street with so many kid's, but Leo loved the opportunity to meet new people and make the most of all of his favourite toys. 

Leo very proudly showed off his super scooting ability.

He had such wonderful compliments on his Jakayaan Balance Bike.

He even got to try out the new Digger I bought him earlier this week.

Today Leo even had his very first knock on the door for 'Can Leo come out to play'. The boy next door and his little friend had made the very special visit to come and call for him. The very first time anyone had ever come a calling for my ever popular little man.

As Leo is a little young to just go out and play, I invited the boys into the back garden where Leo was patiently waiting for the boy next door to come and talk to him through the fence. If you could have only seen Leo's face when he saw that the boy next door was actually in his garden, and here to play with him... It truly was a picture!

Leo is just getting over a viral infection that has knocked him for six over the past couple of days, and in turn knocked me for six. Tonight though my little guy was back to his happy go lucky self and we giggled as we cooked dinner together. I offered Leo some chopped Pepper which he popped straight into his mouth, and then looked well and truly put out. Until I put some in my mouth and the crunchiness became the best game since sliced bread. 

Then came the bouncing around the kitchen like mad people just because we could, with a very giddy toddler shouting 'more, more, more!' as we got a little bit faster! 

Suddenly bedtime has caught up with us, a little bit later than usual but time just tends to run away with me, and now he is a big 2 year old boy... What is half an hour!?

Note to self: I must have the only toddler in the world who thinks that the only kind of phone call is a FaceTime chat... *Makes time to show Leo the old fashioned way that phone calls take place* 

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