Wednesday 4 June 2014

A Week Into Potty Training

Here we are 1 week and 3 days into potty training, and we have had some fantastic moments and some not so great moments. Over all though Leo has been doing fantastic. The accidents that he has been having, I know are more on the lazy part and cannot really be classed as 'accidents' as they are deliberate. Leo will have a stubborn moment where he knows he needs a wee or a poo, and point blank refuses to use the potty. Or... He will disappear out of the lounge and into the play room, only to return moments later declaring 'Mummy!! POO!' and I discover that sure enough... You have avoided the potty.. again. 

The 'accident's' seem to happen more in the morning, and as the day goes on Leo get's better and better. In fact as the week has progressed the accidents have become less and less. Monday saw Leo going to nursery in pants for the very first time. We left the nappy at home and I sent Leo off in his Planes pants, of course being in such an active environment with lots of other children all playing hard... Accidents were expected, and nursery did such a great job asking him if he needed to go, and changing him when he got to carried away! 

Although we get through a few pants a day, we have pretty much cast nappies aside during the daytime. Naps are a give in and we put Leo in a nappy to sleep, and of course when bedtime swings around, nappies are still essential. Leo is now loving wearing pants and will happily pick a pair out when asked, we have come such a long way in such a short space of time, considering 2 weeks ago he wouldn't even contemplate wearing a pair!

The other day we popped out to the shops, I wondered if I should risk pants or put a nappy on him. I changed my mind multiple times before deciding to go with the pants. I got Leo to use the potty before we left and I was conscious that we would be some time. He did so, so well all the time we were out. All in all we were out around an hour and Leo stayed dry the entire time, I asked him if he needed to go and he replied 'no'. We got home and I had just got him out of the car, we were just moments to getting in the house and to the potty, when it crept up on him. Leo looked so sad, and his lip wobbled as he plodded into the house. I stripped him down and told him just how well he had done. He had been dry and been such a good boy, and he deserved a sticker for being so clever. This made Leo feel better, and with a new pair of pants we were back on track again.

We seem to have nailed the wee's on the potty for the most part now, but poo's are still proving interesting. Each poo until today has not made it into the potty, he has just not shown any interest about getting to the potty in time. But last night he watched a video with a little boy who had just done his very first poo in his potty. He heard how excited the little boy and his Mummy were, and this excited him. He marched right over to his potty and told me he was going to do a poo right there and then. This didn't happen but he has obviously kept this thought in his mind, as today I got a text while I was at work. Granny had text me to tell me that Leo had just done his very first poo on the potty!

Leo had done so completely of his own accord, Granny was sat in the lounge and the potty was out in the hall. Leo ran into Granny saying 'Mum! Poo in potty!' and when Granny came out to look, she realised he had indeed! 

Of course lot's of praise was given, and 2 shiny new stickers were added to Leo's bulging sticker chart. 

We are into out second week of potty training and I think we have made a great start. The days are rolling by and each day Leo is getting more confident. 

Potty training certainly is a new adventure!

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