Thursday 26 June 2014

Life Aspirations

Growing up you have many life aspirations, it's natural and it is always good to set ourselves goals. As a child it was my lifelong dream to become a princess and own a horse. In fact during that time of my life I remember deciding that I was never ever going to learn to drive... I mean why would I have had too? I would have been a princess and had my very own horse! I was obviously just going to ride everywhere...

As I got older my life aspirations changed, and by the time I was around the age of 10 I was adamant that I was going to become a vet. This seemed like a much more realistic option until I heard how I would have to maybe insert my hands places that I didn't really want to insert them... This very quickly changed my mind and my princess idea seemed much more attractive.

During my later school days I decided I would like to be a journalist, I loved to write and this seemed like a fantastic idea. To this day I don't know why I didn't pursue this more, as looking back it still seems like a desirable career choice. Right now though I am still trying to find my dream job, I have ideas and in the perfect world I would be working from home. I would be heading up social media channels and outreaching to blogs. I would be handing my notice in at work and doing something that I am passionate about... But for the moment that isn't going to happen.

Over the last year I have been scouring the internet looking for that one job that could give me the break I long for. I have read job description after job description, and hoped that the next one would be the one for me. Due to me location within the UK there aren't really many fees-able opportunities for me to consider, everything requires travel and usual to London. 

I have been having a look at the positions available on City Calling. You simply have to enter the job position you are looking for, and it will bring up a search result of everything that matches that criteria. I may not have found my dream position just yet but I do however have a meeting with a local company this Thursday to discuss their social media requirements. They are currently non existent online, and they may be looking for my services. I am truly excited to attend this meeting and think it will be great work experience for my CV, who know this could be the break I am looking for!

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