Tuesday 3 June 2014

The Fisher Price My First RC Thomas Review

My little man has come to an age now where he can tell you exactly what he wants. We only have to step foot in Tesco’s and he is wanting to go to the toy aisle and have a look at all of the different toys on sale. Leo’s real reason for wanting to make a bee line for the toys is so that he can look at the Thomas The Tank Engine range. He absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, loves that steam engine.

A few weeks ago I was asked to review an item from Fisher-Price that I knew would put a big smile on Leo’s face. The My First RCThomas, a child’s very first remote controlled toy. When it arrived Leo was so pleased, but at this point he didn’t realise that this was different to every other Thomas he owned.. The RC Thomas doesn’t come with batteries, so while I popped out of the lounge to find a small screw driver and 3 AAA batteries for both the remote control and Thomas, Leo stayed put and waited patiently.

Thomas soon came to life and was ready to surprise Leo, so I placed him down on the floor and used the chunky remote control to drive him back into the living room, where a very excited Leo was waiting. Thomas was a lot speedier than I expected him to be and Leo’s  face was a picture when he saw it. I soon had to surrender the remote control to the rightful owner, and I watched as Leo spent the rest of that afternoon making Thomas go forward and round and round in circles.

The RC Thomas was clearly a very big hit.

Leo got the hang of using Thomas quite quickly, and this was definitely down to the remote control. It’s a lovely chunky size so it’s absolutely ideal for little hands to hold. It only features two buttons, one to make Thomas go forwards and the other to turn him Right. It’s just so simple to use which is what makes this such an attractive toy for any Thomas The Tank Engine fan aged 1 and up. I would say this is most likely suited more to a 2 year old, as by this age they usually have a bit more understanding. Leo was playing with his Thomas around his 18 month old cousin, and he was more interested in pushing the train along manually rather than using the remote. Obviously a  worry of mine was that pushing Thomas along by hand would potentially break it, so we had to distract Josh with something else.

Leo is 3 at the end of June and I think he is the absolute perfect age for it, an age where he is curious about how things work and pushing the barriers of cause and effect.

The Fisher Price My First RC Thomas retails at £20.00, but at the point of writing this review Tesco had them for £15.00.

I would highly recommend The My First RC Thomas for any Thomas fan, but I do think that they need to be a little older than 1 to appreciate it for exactly what it is. It has been a really big hit with Leo and a very welcome addition to his growing Thomas collection.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Fisher Price Mt First RC Thomas for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.

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