Thursday 5 June 2014

Father's Day 2014

There is a dedicated day each year for us to let the Dad's of the world know how much we appreciate them. Of course really we should be doing that every day throughout the year, but Father's Day is a day that we can really pull out all of the stops. It's a great excuse to get the entire family together, eat tasty food and have a couple of drinks. As Father's Day falls in June it has the potential promise of sunny weather, and sunny weather means BBQ's and in our case... Mojito's. 

Father's Day is all about lazy mornings in bed, a leisurely breakfast (Full English of course!) and presenting the Father's in our lives with a few treats. No doubt Leo will be drawing up his own card and adding those perfect personal touches. I am sure he will gladly take the card in to his Daddy and wake him up gently on Sunday 15th June. By gently I do mean in the usual way he wakes Daddy up... By jumping all over the bed before falling on top of him, startling him awake. Who knows.. Maybe he will show some mercy...

This post is an entry into the Hampergifts Father's Day Giveaway, and I thought I would hand the reins over to Leo, to tell you exactly why his Daddy deserves to win a luxury hamper to present on Father's Day!

These are some of my all time favourite photos, and I think their beautiful relationship highlights exactly what Father's Day is all about.

What will you be doing this Father's Day? 

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