Friday 27 June 2014

Now That You Are Three

3 years ago today we stepped onto a rollercoaster that has ploughed us through the last couple of years. With each loop de loop we have flashed through many months all in one go, those months have turned into years and with each twist and turn we have continued to rocket through the atmosphere at an incredible pace.

At least that’s exactly how it feels. In reality we have been living our lives day to day and making memories together. I have seen you blossom before my very eyes and you are now a bright, happy little boy. All of a sudden these changes have happened, and yet again I am left wondering where the time has gone. I have seen you lose all of that puppy fat, and watched you shoot right up. You now look like a little boy, and at 3 years old that is exactly what you now are.

A little boy ready to take on the world.

At 3 years old your favourite story book is The Three Little Pigs, although the very first time you heard it you told me how the wolf scared you. These days you anticipate how the wolf will huff and puff in order to eat the Three Little Pigs.

At 3 years old your speech is coming on all of the time, and just last night you were so excited about your birthday today and you informed me that you would like a baby crocodile! This truly is the first year that you have grasped the fact that something exciting was about to happen. You were so excited that even when I got you to bed to read you your story, you hopped back up again when you heard Auntie Alice returning home. You got up and said 'Want to see Aiya!', because even though you can say Alice as clear as day these days, Aiya has kind of stuck around as her nick name. You ran down the stairs with your bear book, you wanted to show her how you could count the trains, boats and bikes on the inside of the book. You did just that and you counted the 4 bikes and the 3 trains all the while looking increasingly proud of yourself.

You ran around the house until gone 9pm, and your excitement was there for everyone to see. I told you how the birthday fairy would only come once you had gone to bed and succumbed to sleep. I told you that when you awoke in the morning that she would have been and sprinkled her magic everywhere just for you. This of course only added to your excitement! Granny told you that you had ants in your pants... Of course as you were ready for bed you were now in a nappy. So you corrected Granny and said 'No pants! In nappy!'

In the year since you turned 2 we have both come so far, we have made changes and moved forward with our lives. We have laughed, we have smiled and we have made some incredible memories. At 2 years old you took on your very first rollercoaster and loved it so much we had to do it again and again. It has seen us take on potty training and succeed! By 3 you were dry during the day, and this was such a fantastic achievement. It has seen you giving up your bottle and still absolutely adoring your blanket. 

Turning 3 is such a big milestone, those baby days are so far behind us now that it feels like it was a lifetime ago. Those toddler days are now fading away in the rear view mirror, and you are now officially a little boy. A little boy who this time next year will be turning four and starting school in the September. It is all absolutely crazy but it's happening.

Happy birthday beautiful boy. I hope you have a truly fantastic day and that your excitement transcends into the most amazing day for you. This years birthday theme is of course Cars, so keep your eyes peeled for that much coveted Lightning McQueen Cake!

Happy Birthday baby boy.

Lots of Love,
Mummy xx

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  1. Enjoy your three year old! It was one of my favorite ages with my kids, they start to turn into such a little person with so much to say!


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