Friday 24 August 2012

A week at the beach...

Last Friday we packed up the car with buckets, spades and plenty of goodies, all ready to head to sunny Bournemouth for a week away. We sat expectantly awaiting the sound of the roaring engine that meant we would be on our way, although the sound we were greeted with meant that we weren't going anywhere in a hurry.

The car was not going to start. The battery was completely flat. So Granddad whipped out the jump leads and we were soon on our merry way down the motorway. 

The hotel we were staying in was no palace, but it was a huge improvement on my last stay in a hotel. It was basic but most importantly it was clean. It backed onto the beautiful Bournemouth gardens that went straight down to the beach. 

I was set for a blissful week with my beautiful little man.

The moments spent with Leo were perfect. He was on top form and entertained not only I, but the entire hotel residency.

We took breath taking walks down to the beach and dipped our feet in the sea together for the very first time. That very first wave was a shock for Leo and for a moment I thought that he was going to hate the experience, except that was not the case. The next wave proceeded to make Leo chuckle and smile. In fact he loved it so much that he didn't want to leave...When Daddy tried to walk him back out of the water he dug his feet into the sand, before sitting down and not relenting a single inch.

Leo toddled all over the sand and even managed to keep his balance. This was his first real experience of the beach in all it's glory, as this is the first time he has visited and been on his two feet. He really did make the most of it, putting his face down onto the sand to get a closer look and lifting his head back up again covered in gritty sand. I wiped his face on countless occasions before I realised that it was useless. Leo was going to do it despite my reservations.

By the beach are a few small rides, one being the Carousel. We watched it go round and round as the horses went elegantly up and down. Before I knew it, I had given the ride attendant some money and I was climbing on with Leo. We made ourselves comfortable in a carriage as I did not trust Leo to sit still enough on a horse, and did not fancy keeping him still while the ride was in motion. 

Leo's first Carousel experience was such a hit, he was amazed by all the lights and the music. I had not been on the Carousel in years, but sharing that moment with Leo brought back all the magic from when I was a child. 

Unfortunately there were down sides to the week. My aunt infuriated me and did not consider Leo in her dinner arrangements, opting into eating later and not compromising in terms of timing. This combined with the aggravating comments spiralled me into a rage, that resulted in me leaving dinner early. If I had stayed I would have blown my lid and that would have been awkward for everyone. My leaving early however did not prevent a argument, and as soon as I departed both of my aunt's were bickering like five year old's.

After this I decided it best to eat earlier, which meant Leo and I were getting lot's of quality time together. I didn't mind at all, and it made the rest of my evening more enjoyable.

I guess when you go on a extended family break...There are always going to be split hairs and different agendas, but is it really that hard to compromise on a suitable dinner time that suits all? Is there any real need for rude comments that made me feel a few inch's tall?

The time with Leo has been great and we have had a great time in each other's company. This time with Leo takes the sting out of the negative part's of the week, and although I have not forgotten what was said, I have not risen to it.

How have your week's been? 


  1. It sounds like a lovely week hun bar the odd family drama- I wondered why you were so quiet on twitter! I love Bournemouth, and it was where Mads got her first taste of the sea last year as well. Lovely photos too. x

    1. All in all it was a lovely week. I was a little quiet wasn't I! Aw I bet Mad's loved it! Lovely stretch of beach bar all the cigarette ends and broken glass. I was so worried for Leo's little feet x

  2. It looks like you had a fab time! Especially Leo at the beach!


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