Thursday 9 August 2012

The VTech Winnie The Pooh Walker Review

Leo recently discovered his little feet were made for walking, and one day back in July he suddenly took off. There was no real warning, he just did it. Daddy and I had been encouraging Leo for months, we stood him up and offered him his favourite toy's that were just that little bit out of his reach. 

There was of course another aid in Leo's first steps...

Around Christmas I came across the VTech Winnie The Pooh Walker on the Toys R Us website, retailing at £31.99 and it looked great. I knew that Leo would love it to aid him in achieving his New Year's resolution: Learning to walk. Without a second thought I added it to Leo's already bulging Christmas list. 

As luck would have it, Santa brought Leo his shiny new walker. I was so surprised to see it there underneath the Christmas Tree! Leo really must have been a good boy!

Christmas day had arrived and Leo finally had all his gifts delivered to him, One of the first one's Leo tentatively opened was his new Winnie The Pooh Walker. Daddy set it up for him in no time at all. The assembly was very simple, and if you are in any doubt at all there are easy to follow instructions enclosed in the box. I wont lie...Daddy did have to read them. He will tell you otherwise however.

When the walker was set up and ready, I was instantly impressed with the sturdiness. I pushed down on the handle bar to see if the walker would give out and tip backwards, but this was not the case. It was perfect for Leo to learn to pull himself up to standing against, without the added fear that it could tip back at any point. 

The VTech walker is suitable from 6 months old. I am not saying that Leo was anywhere near walking at this age, but it is great to have for when they do show an interest in pulling themselves up to standing, and then of course when they want to walk along with an aid. 

Even before Leo was interested in standing against it, the activity centre on the front can be detached so that baby can play with it on the floor. Leo was sitting up at 6 months and thoroughly enjoyed sitting there playing. 

The learning centre features many different activities, from Shapes and light-up musical keys that introduce baby to letters, words, numbers, animals and colours. There are some really lovely songs and melodies sung by Winnie The Pooh himself as he goes about his day to day business of finding some Honey!

There are Two different settings to the activity centre and many different aspects for baby to activate to make a special sound. The moving butterfly, discs and rollers kept Leo entertained and as he succeeded in moving the objects, he was rewarded with special sounds, songs and lights. 

By 8 months old Leo was besotted with his walker, and it was around this age that he began to really use it for it's intended purpose. Walking. Daddy and I always stood Leo up against the walker as he found it a little hard to reach the handle for a short while, despite him being able to pull himself up along the furniture. Then one day, Leo pulled himself up against the walker and looked so proud of himself. In the next breath, Leo was slowly taking his first aided steps with the walker.

Leo could not steer the walker and soon found solid objects that got in his way, he decided that by shouting at them they would just magically move out of his way. Or Mummy would move them for him so he could continue cruising around the room.

I felt so proud seeing Leo putting one foot in front of the other and using his walker. Leo also felt the same level of achievement, judging by the victory crawl he completed after he let go of the walker. I cheered Leo on and within a few seconds he was back up against his walker going for round Two!

The walker aided Leo's strength and gave him the confidence to walk. I have been so impressed with the VTech Winnie The Pooh Walker and highly recommend it for parent's of little one's who want to find their confidence and build up their little legs, ready for those first steps.

The only point I will make is that in those very early days when a baby is learning to use the walker, the wheels can roll a little to quickly, and make baby run before they can walk. Leo soon mastered the speed and could quite happily run along with it. 

What I really love about this walker is the bright colours and Winnie The Pooh design. I have found myself singing along with Pooh Bear on many occasions. It has defiantly served it's purpose in our house and Leo is now walking independently like a little super star! 

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  1. My daughter had this and it was great. Aw bless Leo you can really see how he develops throughout the video x


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