Sunday 5 August 2012

The Roaring Raa Raa Review

Back in July Leo and I were invited to mi-commsPR Christmas in July event. Unfortunately as much as we would have loved to attend and see all of the exciting new toy's that Santa's Elves have been busily preparing throughout the year...We had already made arrangements and could not be in attendance. 

However I have had the pleasure of having a look through all of the press releases, and I can say that Christmas 2012 is going to have some fabulous new toy's for those special little people in our lives. 

My firm favourites were:

- JCB Kids - My First Talking JCB Assorted Vehicles
- Roaring Raa Raa
- The Mookie ScrambleBug

Leo has recently been sent the new Tomy Roaring Raa Raa to have a play with, and to put through it's paces. Raa Raa is the big star of the popular Cbeebies television programme and there is a wide selection of new Raa Raa goodies on there way.

Roaring Raa Raa is a big plush lion with the ability to roar! He has a big plastic nose and two button size plastic eyes. Raa Raa's mouth even has 4 plastic teeth, which have gone down a treat with Leo, as he thinks it is so funny when Raa Raa bites Mummy!

If you push down on Raa Raa's head he will reward you with a roar. If you hold his head down long enough for Raa Raa to say 'Get ready for my loudest roar!' Raa Raa will let out his biggest and most triumphant roar from the very pitt of his belly. He will then question whether or not he made you jump! Which I have to admit...The first time Leo and I heard his loudest roar, I was not expecting it and yes he did make my heart beat a little faster than usual.

When Raa Raa roars not only does he put all his effort into the roar it's self, he also flails his arms around to correspond with his almighty king of the jungle presence. A really great aspect of Raa Raa for me is that the voice over is used consistently between the television show and the toy. Older children can always tell when a voice is not authentic to the one they have become accustomed to, and it makes all the difference for them.

I know when I was younger, if the characters voice did not match the programme...I was not a very happy little girl.

Raa Raa has flat feet (this is where you insert the battery's and turn Raa Raa on and off) but this aspect is great, as it means you can stand him on the floor or on the table, and he will withstand some knocks before he falls backwards. Raa Raa's head is easy to push down for little one's, teaching them all about cause and effect. 

What does Leo think?

When Raa Raa arrived with us, I was just popping back in to see Leo on my lunch break from work. Of course I could not resist getting Raa Raa all opened up and to show Leo exactly what this little lion could do. From that very first roar Leo was in awe, and kept attempting to push Raa Raa's head down himself. Leo found this a little tricky but I put that down to age, the toy is recommended for children 18 months plus, and Leo is now 13 months. 

We have had older children around who happen to be that little bit older than Leo, and they have been very pleased with Raa Raa. They have even been able to make him roar all by them selves.

Despite Leo not being able to push Raa Raa's head down independently, he still loves me to do it for him, so he can hear the roar and watch him flail his arms around. Leo also loves to pick up Raa Raa and carry him around the house. He is obviously very impressed by his new friend from the jungle.

Roaring Raa Raa is sure to put a smile on many children's faces this year. I have been very impressed with the quality and most importantly the play value of Raa Raa, and seeing Leo play happily with it is what it is all about for me. I highly recommend this little lion and his abundance of fun this Christmas.

Roaring Raa Raa can be purchased from Toys R Us, Amazon and other online retailers for a RRP of £29.99.


  1. We got sent this from the BBC Shop as part of their review team and thought that whilst it was ok, it was hard for a toddler to push Raa Raa's head down on their own and that often Raa Raa fell over. Admittedly the noise is great but pretty limited in what it can do for £29.

    1. I personally though that it was pretty sturdy and Leo enjoyed the roaring. It could maybe do with a few more phrases :-) x

  2. Oh i'm so jealous! Riley and i love watching Raa Raa xxx

    1. He is pretty cool! He makes the most amazing roar! x


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