Friday 10 August 2012

Toddler See, Toddler Do - Week 2

This week has been such a busy week, Leo has been on form and been his usual cheeky self. He has learnt new words 'Pop' and 'Bang' and been putting them to use. We have been popping bubbles in the bath, and shouting 'Pop, Pop, Pop!' Leo thinks this is the best game! Leo has also been slamming lots of doors. Cupboard doors, living room doors, kitchen doors and even the front door. Each and every time he is squealing 'bang'.

He is completely right though, bubbles do go pop and doors certainly go bang!

Leo has been dancing more recently, he has been dipping his knees and rocking for a little while now, but this week his little dance routine is being performed more and more! It is the greatest little sight!

I have come home from work at lunch times to see Leo toddling out to meet me from the car, all of a sudden he just looks so grown up. Like a proper little boy. Of course I think I notice this more because I am here less, and the changes are more obvious when I return.

Another development in Leo is his temper. He is becoming such a little monkey. If he does not get his own way he will throw things across the room, after purposely picking them up just for that reason. Leo will make as much noise as he physically can, and when that is not enough he will enlist the help of an object. His latest trick is standing up in his cot and reaching out for his rocking chair. He will then slam it as hard as he can into the wall, which in turn shakes my wall and knocks many items off my shelf. This gives you and idea of just how forceful he can be...

Leo is really perfecting the art of temper tantrums, and I know that it is going to get worse before it get's better.

Just today Leo cried his little eyes out when I had to leave to return to work, not because he was throwing a tantrum but because he wanted me. Granted he was tired and needed a nap, but he just wanted Mummy cuddles. I really wanted to stay and just spend the day with him.

I am certain he knows that I am not here as much as I used to be.

I wish I could be...

What has your toddler been up to this week? Feel free to link up and tell us all about their antics!

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