Saturday 25 August 2012

Toddler See, Toddler Do Week 3 and 4

With our recent week away I have been behind on my weekly posts. In fact I have consecutively missed two weeks. And boy...In those two weeks, Leo has certainly been living up to the word toddler.

We have had more bumps, falls and clumsy moments in the last fortnight than I have ever known. It all started with a topple off the sofa, that even brought tears to the eyes of my little solider. Who never ever really makes a fuss when he falls. Leo was standing up on the sofa and deliberately falling against me. He laughed when I caught him and then he would repeat the entire process again. Only this time he lost his balance and plummeted to the floor, even though my reflexes went to prevent him doing so. They were just not quick enough. I dusted him off and cuddled him close and within a few minutes, the fall was not even a distant memory in his mind.

While we have been away there have been 2 falls out of bed, due to the fact that Leo point blank refused to go back in his cot when he awoke in the night. I always knew Leo was a little fidget bum, but watching him rival around and move all over the bed. Up and down. I could see why he was falling out, and resigned myself to staying awake while he was in my bed. Once he was sound asleep I transferred him back and he was non the wiser. 

For good measure there is one more bump to report. His Great Aunt and Great Granny took him out for a walk. I know it sounds awful but as soon as they left I knew that he would come back with a bump or graze, and sure enough while they were out Leo fell over and gave himself a lovely bump on the head. 

The clumsiness could be because he is dancing up a storm, when Leo hears a tune he likes he begins to dip his legs and boogie. We must look a right sight doing our special little dance moves! This little party trick is becoming more and more regular and everyone is thoroughly enjoying his special dance routine.

Leo is copying facial expressions, and recently mimicked me clenching my teeth together and pulling a funny face. I was so tickled when Leo greeted me with the same facial expression back. Just the other night he was rolling around on the bed watching X-Factor and giving me the face over and over again. Especially when Daddy told him he had to go to bed. Cheeky monkey.

I have mentioned in recent weeks that Leo's temper is becoming more apparent. This is still progressing and over this week he has started clenching both his fists together in a display of frustration. He will then growl while shaking his clenched fists up and down. I don't know how, or even why he has suddenly began to do this. I couldn't even say where he has pickled it up, but it is something that I truly hope he outgrows. Soon! 

I have had to start telling Leo off for hitting out at me, as soon as he does it I put him down and I explain why I have done so. I will not tolerate hitting. This often makes him do it again, like it is some kind of game, but I am determined that he will not do this. This often results in the clenched fists scenario...

With this temper though, he has more of a soft side. He gives me loving cuddles and when he is un-sure, shy or tired I get so many beautiful huggles. It is so great having such an affectionate little man. All be it on his terms...

When Leo isn't running around like the little monster that he is, he can be so very gentle. He demonstrated just how gentle he can be by giving our Cat soft strokes. He was great with her and she sat there lapping up all the attention that he was showering her with. Each time the Cat nuzzled in he would giggle, and then when she missed her footing and fell on his lap, he was in fit's of giggles. 

In the past fortnight Leo has had 4 new teeth come through. Giving us a total of 8 teeth. Or round abouts as I cannot get my finger in to have a proper feel, but from what I can see he is now inundated with lots of pearly whites. They have come from no where and I have not even noticed any distress from Leo. One of the new teeth is one of the back ones that I have heard many babies really struggle with.  

Leo is coming out with new words and making up his own little language. He has lot's to say even if we don't have a clue what he is talking about. 


These are some of the words he is now coming out with, as and when he feels like it. It won't be long before he is a little chatter box!

Leo has finally discovered the magic that comes from flushing the toilet, much to my horror of course. He has been flushing the toilet over and over again. He has even discovered the joy of being a Andrex puppy...Let's just say that the house keepers who attended our room on our week away...Will wonder what on earth happend to all of our toilet roll...

What have your toddlers been up to? 

Have they reached any new milestones?

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  1. Awww bless him he's coming along so fast now! If you're worried about him falling have you looked at the Bed Bumper from as we had one for Roo to get her used to the move into the big bed and it was by far the best one out of the ones we looked at and a good price too. Loving Leo's new words - wait till he starts chuntering non stop!

    1. He really is getting so big now. So grown up.
      He does not usually stay in our bed, it was just because we were away and I didn't really want him there then. I will keep it in mind though for when he moves into a big boy bed :-) Thank you lovely.
      He is becoming a right little natter box! xx


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