Friday, 3 August 2012

Toddler See, Toddler Do - Week One

Since returning to work a week ago, I have not taken as many photos as I usually would. 

This is just one of many things that have slipped through my fingers... 

I have not captured Leo's ever changing personality, and all of the new amazing things that he has began to do. Work seems to have taken over and this post is where I correct all that. 

'Toddler See, Toddler Do' is my brand new weekly post, where I put all the new things that Leo does throughout the week, all of those new achievements and cheeky moments that I don't want to just pass me by. You are all welcome to join in and link up at your leisure!

On Tuesday 24th July, the day before I made my return to the world of work. Leo learnt to push himself up to standing without the assistance of a object. I was amazed that after just 20 whole days since taking those very first wobbly steps, he could now stand up all on his own whenever he wanted too. He has began to pick up speed as he toddles along, and more often than not he runs directly into you after losing all break control. Leo's balance is second to none now, and he is loving his new found ability to walk.

Leo has started to sing, he hums and makes little sing song sounds. If you begin to sing a nursery rhyme to him he will begin his special harmony. These days instead of crying when he goes down for a much needed nap, you will often hear his beautiful angelic voice ringing out through the monitor. Leo sounds so content and happy when he sings his little songs and it never ceases to put a big smile on my face.

Leo has become a proper little bruiser, and is very accustomed to bumping and falling. So much so that he barely even feels it anymore, and if he does, he does not show it. He can tumble over and just get straight back up again, as though nothing has happened. Last night he ran into the corner of a table and did not shed a single tear, and it was only when washing his hair I found a great big lump, that actually looked pretty sore. But no, he was not phased at all. 

Then tonight he suddenly discovered that if he pushed a bean chair up to a foot pouf that we have in our lounge, then he could sit like a king on the very top. When he reached the peak he looked at me with the most triumphant look upon his face and then proceeded to turn around and climb back down the right way! This is a first as Leo usually lunges head first off any and every object that he finds himself perching upon. Of course as soon as he climbed back down...He was climbing back up to the top again. A brand new party piece for him to enjoy...

Leo has also discovered Flies this week, and he can imitate the very familiar 'Buzzing' noise. If I see a fly and ask Leo where it is he will point and extend his hand to touch it. We both had a big shock when the Blue Bottle landed on his finger last night, and Leo found it so funny. Of course...I then had to get his hands all washed. Pesky fly...

As for bath times...Wow! If I thought Leo splashing his legs up and down as fast and hard as he possibly could was a soaking back in those early days. Well...Now he sits up, converts to standing and slowly but surely throws each and every single toy out of the bath and onto my lap. Cups, Singing Dolphins, anything and everything he can get his hands on, comes and soaks every inch of me. Leo stands there laughing hysterically each time a new toy fly's out of his hands. Knowing that he is one mischievous little monkey!

It is not all rosy though, as Leo has also started to demonstrate his anger and can throw a real temper tantrum as and when he feels like it. If things don't go his way then he will scrunch his hand into a fist and contort every muscle in his face. He grimaces, he screams, shouts and cries and can throw a temper tantrum worthy of a one year old.  One of his favourite pass times during one of his screaming escapades, is to pick up objects and hurtle them across the room. I have a rather relaxed attitude when it comes to dealing with his tantrums, and if that's how he wants to spend his time when something doesn't quite go his way..Well that is fine. As long as he is safe, then a little bit of shouting wont do him any harm.

What has your toddler seen and done this week?


  1. What a wonderful idea. I just may join in in this soon. A great way to keep up with and document their achievements and funny moments.

  2. Thank you for such interesting information. I'm gonna use it!

  3. Dylan found his man parts a few months ago and luckily the fascination faded. Sounds like Leo has had an action packed week though!

    1. Leo seems to think it is the greatest new toy. When ever his nappy is off he walks around holding it. I cannot see this passing any time soon! Little boys eh! x

  4. What a lovely idea for a linky, it is so important to remember the little things. That is why I write Mads the letters. x

    1. Thanks Katie. I suddenly felt that all I had written about was work and wanted to make sure that I still capture Leo. I think Mad's letters are beautiful and very special x

  5. oh I love the idea of this! its so hard when you go back to work but keeping up with a weekly record is such a lovely idea :)

  6. Splendid job! The topic is on the front burner and it was really interesting to read it. Write more!


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