Tuesday 28 August 2012

The Little Dish Zoo Crew

Leo is at an age now where he eats what we eat, but if for some reason that is not possible it is always handy to have in a ready meal that caters for Leo's sophisticated taste buds. Something quick and easy, while also being taste tantalising, healthy and nutritious.

Little Dish make healthy, natural food for toddlers and kid's using 100% natural ingredients. They never ever add any salt or sugar and the dishes they create are tasty and desired by my little man.

Over the past few months Little Dish have been cooking up a storm in their kitchen, dreaming up new recipes that are even tastier and delicious than before. 

To make dinner times fun and entertaining for the kid's Little Dish have introduced their Zoo Crew. Each recipe features it's own exciting character and fun activity on the inside of the packaging. 

Cool eh!

Leo has been sent a selection of Little Dish meal's to sink his little teeth into, and that is exactly what he did. 

In our selection of meal's we had:

- Chicken Risotto with Daphne the Giraffe
- Pasta, Cheese, Peas and Broccoli Trees with Tommy Tortoise
- Chicken Korma with Max the Monkey
- Spaghetti and Meatballs with Kyle the Kangaroo 

When it comes to dinner time in our house, you best find a seat far away from Leo, and even then you may want to don a poncho waterproof as you never know how extravagantly he will devour his dinner. 

It can get pretty messy...

Leo thoroughly enjoyed each meal, he demonstrated this by eagerly fisting the food into his open mouth. As soon as the first load had been deposited his hands were off again to find the next mouthful. The portions are very generous and Leo ate exceptionally well on each occasion. We will defiantly be getting some more in so that Leo can enjoy them again. 

 Leo's favourites were the Spaghetti and Meatballs and Chicken Korma. Leo likes flavoursome food and has done from a young age, there is no skirting around the edges, he wants exciting foods that he can feed himself. 

You can find Little Dish in the chilled section in Sainsburys, Tesco, Waitrose and Ocodo 

If you shop at Sainsburys, Little Dish have a special treat for you

'If you buy 2 Little Dish meals, we'll give you a 3rd one (for free). Similarly, if you buy 4 meals, we'll send you 2, buy 6 meals and we'll send you 3, and so on…

Just send us your receipt or receipts for at least 2 meals that have been bought in Sainsbury's. You can either post them to us at the below address, or email a photo of them through to receipttoeat@littledish.co.uk. Include your name, address and email, along with if you're happy to be added to our Little Dish family. We'll then send you a free meal coupon (or several) in return.'

Send your reciepts here:
Receipt to Eat

Little Dish
33 Astley House
Notting Hill Gate
W11 3JQ 

Disclaimer: We were sent the Little Dish meals for the purpose of this post, but all views and opinions are completely honest and my own.


  1. Mads favourite is definitely the chicken risotto, but she also has a thing for the lasagne at the moment too! x

    1. They are yummy meals. I have tried them too! x


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