Saturday 14 September 2013

26 Month's Old

So all of a sudden you are 26 months old 
(and 18 days at the point of writing this.)
Or depending how you wish to look at it...

115 weeks or 810 days.
Or 19440 hours..
Or 1166400 minutes..
or even...69984000 seconds...

My point is, you are growing up. 
Right before my very eyes.
I haven't thought of your age in months for a while. 
When every anyone asks how old you are my reply is that you are two. 
But I think it is important to remember that you are still a relatively young two.

All of a sudden you are your very own little person with a very distinct personality. 
You tell me all about what you are wanting and how you would like to spend the day ahead.
Ever since your holiday and your very first bus ride, you have been telling me how you want to go on another adventure. But that adventure MUST involve either a train ride, or a bus.

Anywhere you go where we cross paths with a big red bus, you play your face. You want a ride and you want a ride there and then. Who knew that your perfect day out would consist of hopping on a bus?

All of your latest and greatest words seem to have everything to do with transport. You tell me 'Car', 'Choo' 'Wheels' and 'Bus'. 'Choo' of course means train, and maybe for anyone else they may look at you side ways wondering what on earth you are talking about... But those closet to you know exactly what you mean.

You seem to be coming out with new things all of the time these days, some things I know that you certainly haven't picked up at home. Take your first outburst of 'Oh My God' that sprung unexpectedly out of your mouth in front of Granny back in August as she filmed you on your balance bike. I think that has come from the boy next door as he exclaims it frequently as Tigger decides to hop into their garden. It just shows that you are taking in absolutely everything that you hear. Every little thing we think you may not have actually heard. 

You are an all seeing all knowing little guy.

If you do something you shouldn't and I say 'Oh...Leo' you have taken to saying 'Oh... Mumma' back to me. Of course this is dependent on who has frustrated you, you can differ your feelings in this manner to Granny, Dadda or even baby Josh! 

I noticed a few weeks back that you were using your plastic drill in a very strange way, it looked like you were performing stealth moves as you criss crossed around the room, slightly slumped as though you were an under cover secret agent. You looked as though you were pretending your drill was actually a gun! It didn't take me long to piece together the information... You have been sneaking into your Uncle Chris's room to play Xbox... and apparently Call of Duty....

What is really putting a smile on my face these days is everything that you are remembering. You recognise places that you have been. You remember things within those places and cannot wait to go back and tell me all about them. 

You are going through a complete and utter Mummy phase at present, wanting to be with me all the time and saying 'no' when I tell you I have to go to work. You are fine after I do go to work, but when I come back you attach yourself like a lippet and don't want me to put you down again. It's like you know that very soon I have to head back to the office again.  

Your love of vehicles streams right into what you are liking to watch on the television, although you are still loving Timmy Sheep and Mike the Knight... Disney Pixar Car's has stormed into the house and you seem to watch it most days. In fact I have sat and watched it with you so frequently now that I have even found myself wondering how Tow Mator even wrote that letter to Lightning McQueen? Funnily enough... They don't show you this in the film, because how on earth could they get a car to hold a pen!?

All the toys you are playing with at present have wheels! You are just smitten with cars, trucks, busses and trains. You are found each and every day with your favourite cars in hand, pushing them around the television stand or putting them down ramps, all the while perfecting your car noises as they hurtle around.

As for naps you are still so reliant on at least one a day. We seem to be mainly down to one sleep around 11am but you can sleep for hours on end, and if you don't get this nap then we are in for it when dinner time strikes. You don't handle being tired very well at all, and usually will refuse dinner and just head straight to sleep. 

You are at an age now where I can explain why we cannot watch Timmy on the television again, or go and feed the ducks just yet... Because they have 'gone to bed to go to sleep'. This is an explanation you seem to accept and understand. You like to tell me how all these different things have gone to 'bed'...But when you say it little man it really comes across as 'dead'. Which admittedly can be a little awkward when you decide to point at strangers....Thankfully you don't have your drill at this point!

So Leo, this is you at 26 months old. All of the things that have stood out for me at this point in your life. I like to keep everything noted so I can look back at what you liked doing and what you didn't like doing. Everything you do, every little milestone is going to be remembered. Every little thing that may otherwise be forgotten, like your love for trains and bus's, or how you played your face for Disney Car shoes....not forgetting how you had already started taking your shoes off before I had even checked for your size on the rack!

And of course... This means I will never forget any of your latest 'tricks'. So Leo feast your eyes on your latest favourite party gimmick, and please remember that you grunt like a pig at the same time.

My little prince charming hey?


  1. It is still making me giggle imagining him pointing his drill at strangers saying dead hehehe


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