Tuesday 3 September 2013

Wake Up Leo

Wake up Leo we are going on an adventure!
Were up before the moon lay's down his sleepy head, and before the birds start their morning tune.
Were off to catch an airplane and fly way up high.
Were going to look down on the world from dizzy heights and in a few short hours we will be far from here.

We sped along the deserted motorway with hardly anyone else around.
No one but the man in the moon shining his light, guiding our way.
We dropped off Mumma's car and waved her 'bye bye' and hopped on a bus.
Your very first bus journey

You excitedly exclaimed to everyone around you, your joy of riding on the bus.
'Mumma! Bus...Wheels!' you happily chirped. 
Complete strangers were captivated as you were so excited, they shot you smiles and couldn't take their eyes off of the little boy, who's dreams had come true through the simplicity of a bus journey.
The bus was all you spoke about all day, and you told absolutely anyone who would listen all about your exciting adventure.

The airplane was far less exciting than the bus.. The plane left a lot to be desired in your eyes and I am sure you would have happily taken a bus journey to Cyprus over the boring plane.
When you arrived at the villa you were absolutely exhausted, completely not in the mood for playing.
Until you saw the swimming pool of course. If there is one new word you learnt over the week it is 'pool'.
We got you your very first rubber ring and your big cousin showed you how to use it. 
To start with you were not entertaining the idea, but after a few minutes you were using it like a pro.
Spinning circles around in the warm water and showing us all just how big and grown up you had become. 

You ate out with us each and every night, having your very own big boy dinner's.
You even had your very first virgin cocktail, because you were determined to have some 'bubble juice', we didn't stand in your way. You were on holiday after all.
In fact you were a cheeky little rascal all week, stealing Mumma's can's of pop, but you made up for it by sitting and clinking our drinks together exclaiming 'cheers' like we were clinking champagne glasses.

You did make Mumma laugh when it became apparent that you were actually taken the mickey. A bug had landed on my hand you see, and I let out a little girly squeal and flicked my hand out in order to get rid of the creepy crawly. Only to have you, yes YOU Leo shoot me that winning smile of yours. You giggled and flung your hand forward squealing. Even now over a week later you are still taking the mickey out of your Mumma!

One thing I really noticed about you during this week is just how incredibly sociable you are. Wherever we went you made friends. You ran around chasing them and then they turned around to chase you. I had children coming up to me and asking if they could play with you. In one restaurant we visited, there were two kids playing on scooters. They were the restaurant owners children, and before I knew it they had brought you a scooter to the table so that you could go and play with them. You were having so much fun, I truly hope this confidence stays with you for always and that you always make friends so effortlessly.

We took you back to the beach, your second beach abroad. Not that you will remember your first holiday little guy, you were only 5 months old. But even then we took you and showed you the sea lapping against the sandy shores. Your first proper beach encounter happened right here in the sunny UK, but now you are truly at an age to enjoy all of the fun that can be had down by the sea.

I tried to show you how to make sand castles but you were just set on knocking them down, I think in the coming years we will be able to build some incredible sand castles with moats leading to the surf. But for now I have to admit that I played all on my own... I have always been a big kid when it comes to the sand.

You absolutely loved the waves, and the sea quickly became known as 'bubbles'.
You didn't care as the sea splashed around you, and you don't seem to share Mumma's sea phobia. I am a big scaredy cat as you will soon find out. Seaweed and being out of my depth truly scares the bejeebies out of me!

 I soon found a natural water feed that had been hollowed out of the sand by locals. I decided this would be a better way to keep my sanity and give you the freedom you so craved to run and splash around.

The water clearing was so warm and the perfect depth for you to jump and splash until your heart desired. Although I still had to chase you when you decided to run back to the 'bubbles' on occasion.

You brought blankie along for the entire adventure, everywhere you went so did blankie.
I couldn't even prise it from your clutches when you fell asleep with it over you in the car. You spent the week looking very warm, with sweaty matted hair. The heat was just so humid and sticky, that I confined us to the air-conned bedroom on occasion just so we could cool down.

I think it is safe to say that your latest adventure has been an exciting one. With all of the new things you have experienced and memories you have made, now you are getting older you are getting so much more from every new adventure we pursue. 

Here is to future holidays, future pool trips and of course trips to the sea to see all of those bubbles. 

I have to wonder when I will be next awakening you to join me on an adventure?

Until next time Leo.
Happy adventure hunting.


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