Monday 9 September 2013

I Remember....

I can remember lying with you in that hospital bed on that very first night. I watched you sleep and took in every little detail of the little life I had just welcomed into the world. 

It was just you and me as visiting hours had now been and gone, it was well into the night and I still couldn't take my eyes off you. 

I still remember how my mind was racing, racing with thoughts to what the future would bring. 

Wondering what you would grow up to be?

How you would change over the first couple of years and what those very first words would be to come out of your gummy mouth.

Would you like all of the food that you tried or become a little fussy monster?

Would you be a Mummy's boy or one of the boy's with Daddy? 

Two years have passed and I have seen you grow and change right before my eyes. Every day brings a new adventure that we take on together. 

You make me laugh like no one else can and we truly our a special team.

Your a Mummy's boy through and through, and I think I always knew you would be from the very start.

Even now I still sit and watch you dream. I let my mind run away with all of those future moments that we will experience together, those milestones you will surpass. 

I wonder what the next two years will bring? 

What your next new word will be? 

It is hard to believe that in two years time you will be four years old.

But even then I will sneak in to watch you dream your dreams, and I will keep wondering what the future will bring.


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