Tuesday 24 September 2013


Back in August I was invited along to LEGOLAND Windsor with Leo so that we could share our thoughts on the park, and what it has to offer a family with a toddler in tow. I decided to go along and spend my birthday there, but from the word 'Go' the whole day was against me.

Upon arrival at the train station to start our journey, one of the wheels on my pushchair went *BANG* - just as the train was about to depart. Being on the wrong side of the platform to leave the pushchair, I had to cart it with me on the train and all of the way to LEGOLAND... Not the greatest of starts. On our journey there Leo started to go down with a bug, and very soon was coming out in a dotty red rash. He began to cry and that was how the rest of the train journey was spent...

I was optimistic that Leo's spirits may pick up once we had arrived at Legoland and he saw all of the exciting rides that he could have a go on. It didn't seem right to just hop on the first train back home again, so we persisted and really hoped for the best... Even though I had no pushchair now for my poorly boy who just wanted to go to sleep.

Upon arrival at LEGOLAND we collected our tickets and explained how are journey had been anything but perfect. The lady behind the booth was so understanding and even took in my pushchair for me to save me carting it around all day, along with a toddler who just wanted a cuddle. She directed us to where we could hire one for the day and bid us farewell. She will never know just how grateful I was for her taking my pushchair into the office for me, it really wasn't going to be practical me carting it around all day. 

We tried to hire a LEGOLAND pushchair but unfortunately they had all been rented out by the time we got there, we had arrived later than we had planned after a hectic morning, and it was of course right in the midst of the Summer Holidays. I carried my poorly 2 year old in my arms, and in some instances he decided he was happy enough to walk, but for the most part he was in my arms. 

It was August 8th and it would seem that Legoland was a very popular choice with the perfect sunny weather beating down, the lines for every ride were far to long to even contend waiting in with a poorly baby, but in those rare fleeting moments where Leo had a smile on his face, we did have a go on one or two rides. On any ordinary day I know that Leo would have absolutely had the time of his life, but he was just so under the weather that all he really wanted was to be at home tucked up in my arms with his eyes closed.

Looking around the park I could see just how much fun everyone was having, the kids with big Cheshire cat smiles fixed firmly upon their faces. For everyone else this was the perfect day, and if Leo had been well and his usual self we would have been there with even bigger smiles. 

The park is modern and bright, there is plenty for all ages to do and I would not think twice about going back in the future. In fact now all of the kid's have gone back to school I would absolutely love to take Leo back now that the sparkle has returned to his beautiful blue eyes. I know that Leo would have such a great time experiencing all of these rides for the very first time. There was so much for toddlers to do from Duplo Valley with the water park (which would have been perfect on the day we visited!) to rides perfect for my little toddler.

So although we traveled and spent a few hours in Legoland my time was spent looking after my poorly little guy, and wondering how on earth I was going to get Leo and the pushchair back home again... I am sorry it is not a full review of all the exciting things that we just couldn't do on this occasion but I really needed to get Leo home and dosed up with calpol. 

With the worries in my mind about how I was going to get the pushchair home, I enquired with the lovely lady at Guest Services as to whether it would be possible to leave it and arrange a collection. I was so relieved when she said this would be fine, and so we made our way back home again without the pushchair. 

It is safe to say that I was completely exhausted by the end of the day, carrying a 2 year old around as well as a heavy bag is quite draining. It is no wonder that I felt like I was coming down with the flu the next day after those aches had stiffened up over night! 

I do have some advice for those of you who may be thinking of going to LEGOLAND in the future though... 

- Try and go out of School holidays to ensure you don't have to line up for rides too long.
- Get there early if you are wanting to hire a Legoland Pushchiar.
- Take a picnic as once in the park the food is quite pricey.
- Find out which rides you would really like to go on ahead of time and find out where they are on the map.
- Take advantage of the Q Bot System on the park and book in time slots for those rides you are really wanting to ride on.
- Get there early if you wish to rent a pushchair.
- Make sure that all members of your party are well and not coming down with a viral infection...
- Have a great time!

I would just like to thank the lady at LEGOLAND who helped me out with my pushchair situation and took it in for me. If I had that to cart around with me all day, and then back home again I think I would probably have hidden in the corner and cried.

Thank you for understanding :)

Disclaimer: I was provided tickets to LEGOLAND in exchange for a review. Unfortunately Leo was poorly so we didn't get to experience the park enough to review all aspects. All views and opinions are completely honest and my own. 

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  1. I am sorry Leo was poorly hun, what a nightmare day. We went to Legoland recently and absolutely loved it! x


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