Saturday 21 September 2013

The Right Here & Now

The right here and right now is pretty amazing.

Leo really has blossomed into my very best friend, each new day he goes on to surprise me that little bit more.

He is just about to turn 27 months old, and this age right here and now has highlighted just how big, just how grown up he has become. There is much more we can do together as a team. Things that a year ago were just out of our grasp, they are now things that we can and will be doing.

Just yesterday we visited Drayton Manor with a very good friend of ours, and I spent most of my day laughing along with my 2 year old. We visited Thomas Land where Leo was big enough for pretty much every ride in that area, and in true Leo style he was more than happy to give everything a go.

He was so brave and fearless, and I absolutely loved him walking hand in hand with me as we strutted from ride to ride. Leo didn't even flinch when we hopped on his very first roller-coaster and sped off around the track. I didn't even pay attention to what was coming next on the track, I couldn't peel my eyes off Leo, I didn't want to miss a single reaction on that face of his that flickers with each feeling he experiences. His entire face tells a story from every one second to the next.

As we were sat there on that roller-coaster I couldn't help but notice that I was actually on a ROLLER-COASTER with my BABY. My little guy was sat right by my side as I roared with laughter and this moment for me signifies just how far he has come. Just how far both of us have come.

I am un-knowingly pulling away at the cotton wool I once wrapped him so tightly in, I am accepting that he is growing up. I can see that a new door has opened to a exciting new chapter where we can have a real day out at a theme park, and have the best time imaginable. 

Riding that roller-coaster together is the start of an entire new relationship with my main man. 

My very best friend.


  1. I totally get this post, Dylan is my little buddy now and I love being able to do these things with him and have a chat. Enjoy it x

    1. They really do become your bestest little friends x


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