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The Easywalker Duo Review

Over the last year I have been using the Easywalker June and even now it is my favourite to use. I find Easywalker such a super company, they have always been so quick to help me out if I have any questions or need assistance. Above all else Easywalker offer high quality products to parents, whether they are after a single stroller or a double. 

Of course for me personally I only have the need for a single, and the June has for filled this requirement perfectly. With this said though, my Mum found herself in need of a double pushchair when Leo's little cousin joined him at Granny's house, when his Mum went back to work after her maternity leave.

I had never really had a look at the double pushchair range on the market before this, but with a list of requirements in mind I began having a look online to see what was out there. My Mum actually suffers with Rheumatoid Arthritis so this was something I had to take into account while on the hunt for a double stroller that she would be able to use with the boys.   

Easywalker very kindly sent my Mum the Easywalker Duo in Berry Red to try out, I was very excited to see how this stood up to the June and see how she got on with it.

The Duo is an all terrain pushchair with big air filled wheels that really can take you anywhere and everywhere. It is strong and sturdy and surprisingly higher than any other pushchair that I have ever come across. It comes in 4 different colours, so if the Berry Red is a little bit too bright for you then why not take a look at:

- Ocean Blue
- Coal Black
- Olive Green 

What's in the box?

- Pushchair Frame - with the two seats already attached
- Bumper Bar
- Instruction Manual

The Duo arrived in a big cardboard box, very well packaged to ensure safe delivery. I found the set up relatively straight forward as the seats come attached to the frame so all I really had to do was to attach the wheels and open up the pushchair it's self. 

On first set up I soon realised that there was a problem with one of the buttons that is used to attach the front wheel. The first button had pulled down perfectly and allowed me to simply attach the wheel, but the second button was jammed and there was nothing I could do in order to pull it back out in order to attach the second front wheel. Instead of forcing the jammed button I contacted Easywalker, sent in a photo of my problem and also a little video just to demonstrate what the actual issue was. 

In true Easywalker style I was replied to straight away and the Duo was re-called and a new one issued in it's place. I truly cannot fault the customer service that I received and how I was looked after, it was really efficient and fast.

A new Duo arrived within that same week and in no time at all I had it all set up and ready to go, the new Duo was exactly how it should be and I know that these things can happen every now and again. Ultimately it is how the customer and the problem is looked after that makes the experience, and Easywalker really do look after their customers.

First Impressions

The Duo is actually quite heavy when it is all folded up, and I did wonder how I would manage to get it in and out of my Mum's 4x4 as it is quite a weight to lift into her high boot. I knew there and then that my Mum would struggle with the weight of the pushchair when collapsed. When the Duo is erect and ready to hit the road it is a completely different scenario, it is really light and easy to push around, perfect for my Mum when she was out and about with both of the boys. 

I think it is the wheels and the great suspension that make this heavy double a dream to push around. Even with both boys in the seat their weight is distributed and you wouldn't even know they are in there. Leo is 2 years old and his cousin is just about to turn one, so they are not the littlest of boys anymore.

I love how the Duo looks, it is a very smart pushchair and the big wheels open up a wealth of off road destinations that you can journey too. Air filled wheels are one of my biggest loves on a pushchair and are perfect if you like to go out of your typical urban setting. Visiting the park and trekking across grassy terrain is made a doddle and you experience no resistance as you bumble along. 

The quality in this pushchair is apparent from the offset and is sure to turn many heads on your travels. 

I thought it was easy to put up and down, there is a red button on the right hand side of the Duo that you need to push down, and then you need to push the two clips in order to be able to collapse the pushchair and do up the travel safety clip. As I mentioned above, the Duo is bulky when folded and definitely not the lightest of pushchairs. But to get such a versatile pushchair that has the ability to go to all of these different locations that your average double pushchair would flounder, I really think that it is worth it for these features.

Out and about

Going out and about with two little ones can be a mission in it's self so you really want something that can comfortably sit them both. I absolutely love how much room there is in the Duo seats, especially for Leo as he is really getting big these days. Although Leo is putting on size and becoming a proper little boy, he does still rely heavily on being in a pushchair, so Granny definitely needs a double for when Leo get's tired and of course just to keep him where he is supposed to be. Both Leo and his cousin have so much room in the Duo and even though they are sat right next to each other, they have enough distance to not actively bother each other.

Granny does struggle to put the Duo in and out of the car due to her Arthritis, so this is something I tend to do before I go to work if I know she is going to be using it that day. Putting it in and out of the high boot even for me is a mission because of the weight of it, and dropping it on your feet can leave you with a bit of a bruise (I found this out the hard way). Luckily we don't live too far from town, and it can be a nice walk in the right weather so Granny has mainly taken to walking into the town centre with the Duo and taking the grandkids down to the park to feed the ducks.

If you have a big car with a very roomy boot then you should be able to fit the Duo in, Granny has a Rexton 4x4 and it does fit in the boot with no problems at all. 

We have found that we can fit the Easywalker Duo through our front door into the family home, and it can even sit in the hallway when not in use. It fits through most doorways and hasn't stopped Granny darting around the shops.

I am really impressed with how easy it is to get around with the Duo, and with just how much space the kid's both have at the same time. When the pushchair is up and in use it is so easy to navigate and cruise around, it is even easy to push one handed, and I even struggle with that with my Easywalker June. You defiantly forget about how heavy it is when it is collapsed.

The Duo comfortably and safely transports two children, and is such a practical choice for parents of twins or children of multiple ages. You can add on a carry cot or even two. You can use one travel cot and one seat unit. There is a travel solution for every parent of to two little ones, and I know that Granny is really pleased with the Duo for both of her Grandchildren.   

The seat units have 7 recline positions 

One big positive to having a double pushchair has to be having two shopping baskets. I know when I am out and about I often wish I had more space to store things, especially when I have an over filling changing bag it is nice too be able to overload into the shopping basket. Having two gives you so much extra space and is space that has been constructively used to give us practical storage. 

The baskets are generous in size and have zips at the very front in order to extend them further. I have found that we can fit everything that we need for both boys inside them and still have easy access to everything while out and about. Having the two baskets has even given Granny the chance to leave the changing bag at home on occasion depending upon where they are going.

The breaks are so simple to click on and off no matter what shoes you are wearing. I love the simple ease of using these breaks as they click on as soon as you push the pedal and straight back off again when you kick it back up.

Both of the hoods on the Duo are reasonable in size and have an extra extendable sun canopy that you can just flick out when you need it. When you don't need the extra sun canopy you can simply tuck it back under the hood so that it is out of the way.

Putting the Duo Up & Down

As for the folding and un-folding of this pushchair, it really is easy.

To put it up all you need to do is unlock the travel clip and open up the frame by pulling on the handle.

To put it down you need to push up the black buttons on either side of the frame, and then push down the red button on the right hand side of the pushchair. Then by pushing the frame down it will collapse.

Our Over All Thoughts

Over all we really love our Duo, we find it practical and comfortable for the two wriggle monsters. We adore how sturdy and sound it is. It looks great and has been a real head turner as Granny has taken it out and about. Lot's of people have stopped her to compliment her on her big red wheels and asked all about what brand of pushchair it is. It is safe to say that those who weren't familiar with Easywalker, know all about them know!

I am so impressed that such a big all terrain pushchair can be so light and easy to maneuver. I would highly recommend the Duo for new parents expecting twins or are expecting their second child when they will still need a pushchair.

You can find out more information on the Easywalker Duo via the official website.

If you are looking to purchase the Duo, Pramworld currently have it on sale for £599.00 with free delivery at the point of writing this review.

I will leave you with the video we have put together for the Duo that demonstrates a few of my favourite features.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Easywalker Duo for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are completely honest and my own (and Granny's of course).

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